explore the abstract spaces of jiří příhoda’s VOID exhibition in prague

Jiří Příhoda: focused on form

In an exploration of space, volume, matter and emptiness, Jiří Příhoda presents an exhibition in prague title TO CANCEL. The fair mainly presents new installations, including Platform, Quantumcraftand Room 7 — displayed with two of Příhoda’s key works from the 1990s titled Taken 01′ Desert Storm, and Take 02 “THE FLOOD”.

The artist’s groundbreaking studies of imaginary objects become inspirational sites that merge fine art architecture and sculpture. The utility of these sculptural built spaces is not Příhoda’s main focus, but each is purely about form.

Platform, 2016-22 (mining tower) | all images © Martin Polak, Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague

the ‘void’ exhibition where concept meets reality

As demonstrated throughout his TO CANCEL exhibition in Prague, Jiří Příhoda (see more here) uses architectural devices to abstract spatial studies that are best understood from the perspective of artistic solutions to material problems. His form-focused work seeks to be both “emotionally balanced and inspirationally provocative”, standing at the “intersections of space and matter, as well as the encounters between reality and mere concept”.

The artist notes: “All of this is usually done without prior considerations for potential practical applications, although these are not excluded. In other words, its theme also includes the inspiration to highlight worlds other than the utilitarian worlds that are intrinsically central to architectural thought, and it often does so in non-standard or even downright elusive ways in the convenient.

exhibition jiří příhoda VOID
Platform2016-22 (mining tower)

contemporary works in the historic rudolfinum in prague

Jiří Příhoda’s VOID exhibition occupies Prague’s Rudolfinum Gallery, a historic structure defined by its intricate neo-renaissance architecture. The ornamental space provides an important and inspiring counterpoint to the artist and houses what is now the largest showcase of Příhoda’s practice to date.

The organizers of the exhibition note: “Příhoda’s work is distinguished by its absolutely unwavering level of excellence which far exceeds the current standard of presentations of this type, making it a unique work on the Czech art scene. During the development of the project, it was necessary to consider different options to make the constructions designed by the artist coincide with the technical possibilities of the building.

“The subsequent investigation of the various ways in which they could be performed resulted in Příhoda’s entire oeuvre being brought to a new level of precision, if not, in effect, synthesis.”

exhibition jiří příhoda VOID
Platform2016-22 (mining tower) exhibition jiří příhoda VOID
Quantumcraft2013–22 exhibition jiří příhoda VOID

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