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(WSVN) – Airbnb is a popular option for people looking for an alternative to hotels, but one family says they got more than they bargained for when the lights went out. 7’s Brian Entin is investigating.

It looks so nice! The Airbnb listing said “modern beach house”. There were pictures of a remodeled kitchen, large living room, and welcoming bedrooms.

Toni George, booked Airbnb: “It was wonderful. It was impeccable.

George and his daughter booked the Airbnb in Hollywood for eight family members who had come from out of town for Thanksgiving.

But it was what visited their families at night that outraged them. The rooms were infested with bed bugs.

Toni George: “Stains all over that mattress. Blood spots.

Guests recorded as the bedbugs crawled.

Brittany George, booked Airbnb: “They are not shy at all. They jumped on the bed, on the sheets. It was scary. I have never seen anything like it.

They were bitten in the arms and even in the face.

Toni George: “It was a nightmare. Everyone had to snuggle up in the living room for the entire vacation, and not just that, bed bugs bite you for three nights.

After the first night, the family said, the property manager showed up with two bug sprayers.

But bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, and the spray didn’t do the job.

Brittany George: “They were itchy the whole time we were there, the whole time we were there.”

And by the time you itch, it’s too late. Experts say that as soon as you step into your Airbnb or hotel room, you should immediately check for bugs.

Eric Hoffer, Hoffer Pest Solutions: “First, I always move the pillows out of the way and pull the corner of the sheet here. “

Eric of Hoffer Pest Solutions says to examine the folds in the mattress as this is where bed bugs hide. Also, look for blood stains and small, dark droppings.

This family eventually got reimbursed for the $ 600 they spent on the Hollywood Airbnb, but they still came home itchy.

Toni George: “It was a vacation nightmare for my family, and I feel bad because we were the ones who booked the Airbnb – my daughter and I – and we still feel bad.”

The owner fixed the bed bug problem. He sent us receipts for an exterminator and new mattresses.

Airbnb told 7News they investigated and canceled all bookings until the owner proved the bed bugs were gone.

Airbnb also released a statement to 7News which reads:

“Providing a safe and clean space is a pillar of our community standards and if a traveler alerts us of a danger or safety issue in an advertisement, we immediately suspend it and investigate. Upon learning of this incident, in accordance with our health and safety protocols, we have removed this listing from our community and canceled all future bookings. Our host was able to re-register their space after demonstrating that it was suitable for future guests by providing documentation from a professional inspector. We apologize to our guest for our initial handling of this matter and have reached out to offer further assistance. “

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