Famous goatee styles to try


Men who wear goatee styles are cool and modern and are more than willing to try on trendy styles. Goatees aren’t picky with age or face shape, but some go well with specific hair textures. Your style can be inspired by a celebrity or a photo that you have seen and want to try on.

This article will give you ideas for attractive styles and you can choose which style to wear to your next shaving appointment. The goatee the styles are easy and quick to achieve, and they will give you classic looks. Looked.

1.Authentic goatee

If you love your mustache this is probably one of the beard styles to try as this style requires you to shave your mustache and all the hair on your neck and face and leave only the goatee. Your stylist will shape the hair below your lips in a semi-circular shape to achieve the authentic goatee style. It is common in men in their 30s and with oily skin. A very unique style will not leave you unnoticed.



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2. Elongated goatee

An elongated goatee looks like the standard goatee, but it extends in other directions, like your jawline and under your chin. For mustache lovers, you can style this goatee with a mustache. According to Mens Haircuts, men of all skin types and those between the ages of 40 and 50 can wear this goatee style. If you have an oval or round face, this style will work for you as well.

3. Pretty goatee

Not so formal and never before seen, this thick goatee style is becoming more and more popular and involves connecting the mustache to the beard in a square shape with rounded corners. This style is not difficult with skin types, and men in their 30s will look great in it. Also, those with oval and square faces and pointy noses may go well with this beard.

4. Van Dyke Style

This Van Dyke-inspired beard style has become a must-have style for most young people as it brings a modern look to relatively young faces. The style pairs perfectly with a mustache and a V-shaped soul patch. Your stylist will connect the two with a straight line and ensure that the goatee extends to the wider parts of the mouth. The style is also suitable for men in their forties and with oily skin.

5. Anchor goat

The goatee looks like a ship’s anchor, hence its name. A combination of a light pencil mustache with a V-shaped soul patch will bring the anchor sign in this goatee style. The style is mainly worn by men with normal dry skin type and between 30 and 40 years old. Plus, the style will favor you whether you have a round, oval, or square face.



6. Airstrip goatee

You’re less likely to see the airstrip goatee style with middle-aged men. Your stylist will completely remove your mustache and all other facial hair and let a goatee about 2 inches in width go straight from the lower lip to the chin. Men in their 30s love to wear this style, and if you have oily skin, this is your rocking style.

7. Chin Puff with handlebars

The first step in styling this goatee is to shape your mustache into the shape of a scooter handlebar. The goatee should look like the airstrip goatee but make it thin at the beginning and bottom. The goatee style is perfect for men with dry, oily skin and those in their 50s.

8. Nordic skipper style

The Nordic skipper style resembles the chin-bar goatee as the mustache has handles like a scooter motorcycle. The goatee is larger than the chin bar, and the puff begins under the chin and not at the bottom of the lower lip. The style is mostly worn by men in their thirties and with an oily skin type. It is also suitable for men with an oval face and a broad forehead.

9. Chin goatee with detached mustache

If you have thin hair on your beard, try this style. The goatee has a V shape with a separate mustache. The style goes well with all skin types and for men in their twenties and thirties. It is a versatile beard style that can also be worn for official settings.

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