Filming location is Pasadena Midcentury – DIRT

Diane Keaton can be considered the pioneer par excellence of the “coastal grandmother” way, a dreamy Nancy Meyers-inspired aesthetic marked by breezy neutrals, cozy knits and warm interiors, but in her latest film, 2022’s “Mack & Rita,” the beloved actress’ look is less Hamptons and West Coast chic – or “glamorous grandma” aka “glam-ma”, as she is described in the middle of the film. Sporty oversized cuts, bold monochrome ensembles and an array of eccentric headwear (many of which were the own actress), Keaton kills onscreen portraying the older version of Mackenzie “Mack” Martin, a Los Angeles-based writer who visits a past life regression tent while vacationing in Palm Springs and ends up walking out transformed into herself. 70 years old. (Mack in his 30-year-old form is played by “You’s” Elizabeth Lail.) his advancing age and managing to find his true self in the process.

Directed by Hollywood multi-hyphenate Katie Aselton, the charming comedy, which is currently streaming on Hulu, hasn’t exactly done well with audiences or critics, earning a paltry 25% on Tomatometer. rotten tomatoes and opinion judging “cringe” and “an embarrassment all around.” The taunts didn’t phase Keaton, however. When asked what she hopes people will take away from the film, in a response that echoes the central ‘Mack & Rita’ theme of espousing authenticity, the actress told Vogue“Just to have a good time, lighten it up. If you want to think it’s stupid, then you don’t have to like it.

Filmed primarily in Los Angeles over the course of four weeks in the spring of 2021, the stalwart production team captured footage from across the city. Notable sites featured include the colorful Silver Lake Delta Tacosthe Calabasas Outpost from Barnes & Noble, a Burbank California Pizza Kitchen, Lemon Frog Vintage Bazaar Shop to Echo Park and downtown LA Walnut building, the complex of brick and concrete artists’ studios where Mack and his dog Cheese live alongside lovable neighbor and “highly sought after” private wealth manager Jack (Dustin Milligan). Interestingly, the rooftop view deck that’s supposed to sit atop the property, where Mack and Jack regularly hang out and eat massive shrimp – the “surely genetically modified” kind – isn’t located on the places, however. This place is actually the Shaker broken bar at DTLA freehand hotel, about 1.5 away. (Unfortunately, there are no shellfish – large or otherwise – on the lounge menu in real life.)

A handful of footage was also shot in the Coachella Valley, where Mack is hosting a bachelorette party for his best friend, Carla (Taylour Paige), early in the story. To capture the scenic desert landscapes, the cast and crew traveled to locations such as Birba (a must in the region since 2011) and Rick’s Restaurant and Bakery. (In truth, the two restaurants are not located across from each other as claimed on screen, but a good mile apart.) To create the fictional throwback tent of the past life (“Regress and be blessed!”) where Mack transforms into Rita, the production team erected a temporary set in a dirt lot on the corner of W. Chino and N. Palm Canyon Drivesadjacent to Copley Restauranta famous establishment that once served as actor Cary Grant’s guest house.

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