Finland in autumn: fall foliage and double aurora

Finland in autumn: fall foliage and double aurora

A gallery of the Nordic country in the fall

From September to November, Finland undergoes a beautiful transformation as the whole country turns red, brown and yellow. Watching the colors of the leaves change is such a spectacular sight that the Finns even have a word for fall foliage: ruska.

Although people mostly think of winter and snow when they hear “Finland”, the fall season is just as special. In fact, people from all over the world travel to northern Finland in September and October to witness the autumn leaves.

During this time, tourists and citizens often go hiking, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, and berry picking. In other words, they participate in activities that allow them to be surrounded by nature.

Another widely held misconception is that auroras are most often seen during the cold, snowy months of the year. In fact, the best time to witness and admire this display of natural light is fall and spring. In the fall, Finnish lakes create what are called beautiful “double auroras” because the reflection of the night sky can be seen in the water.

With the ruska, berries and the northern lights, it’s no surprise that fall is one of the most breathtaking seasons of the year.

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