Flight cancellations, delays leave some San Diego travelers concerned

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – On one of the busiest travels days of the holiday season, some flights at San Diego International Airport were canceled or delayed due to a powerful storm that is impacting most of the country.

On Friday morning, Terminal 1 at San Diego’s airport had long lines, travelers constantly checking the arrival/departure boards, and people asleep on the ground or in chairs.

For Elena Stammler and Laura Schmid, their trip thus far has consisted of waiting and uncertainty. Their flight to San Francisco was canceled and then later delayed.

The students from Germany have plans to visit parts of California and Las Vegas, but the changes to their flight could mean they’re going to be out of some cash.

Stammler said, “We have to pay our Airbnb in San Francisco for the two days.”

And there are others like Armond Clemons, who flew into San Diego to embark on a Disney cruise with his family. He’s hoping to make it back home to Houston to celebrate the holidays there, but the weather report has him worried.

“I’ve been worried about our flights … our pipes and whatnot at home … my pool equipment; I’ve been worried about everything,” Clemons said.

In the meantime, he’s put together a backup plan, just in case Mother Nature keeps him and his family in San Diego.

Clemons said, “I’m fortunate to have in-laws here in beautiful San Diego, so if I have to spend Christmas other than at home, I’d rather be here.”

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