Florida currently has 1.6 million vacant homes, the most in the country, report says | Florida News | Tampa

Despite the large number of people moving to Florida, a new study has found that more than 1.6 million homes are vacant.

A recent report from LendingTree, an online lending site, analyzed the latest data from the US Census Bureau and ranked the nation’s 50 states based on unoccupied homes. The survey measured the overall vacancy rate in a state by dividing the number of vacant households by the total number of households.

Florida ranked sixth with the highest vacancy rate, but first for the most empty units.

According to the data, of Florida’s 9,814,540 homes, 1,680,844 are vacant, giving a vacancy rate of 17.13%. The study also states that in Florida, the median home value is $261,500.

Florida’s vacancy rate was led by Vermont, Maine, Alaska, West Virginia and Alabama. The states with the lowest rates were Oregon, Washington and Connecticut.

The report also explains that home prices in states with higher vacancy rates are often, but not always, lower than those in states with lower vacancy rates. This is true for Florida, as the median home value in the states with the lowest rates ranges from $287,500 to $419,500.

According to LendingTree, many factors can affect this number, including location, type of rate offered to borrowers, square footage, and more. These numbers can help understand the health of an area’s housing market.

Those numbers might surprise some, but not necessarily in the Tampa Bay area, as the ongoing housing crisis has sent home prices skyrocketing, ranking the city as the second-highest home price increase in the nation.

For Tampa, this data may be reflected in the lack of affordable housing and controversy over rent control, further raising the question of why are people still moving here?

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