Florida’s most popular Airbnb is a short drive from downtown Miami. This is what it is

Behind a low-key white textured one-story home in Biscayne Park sits Florida’s most popular Airbnb rental.

Paola Ugolini has lived in the 1920s house with her family for 17 years. Originally, she envisioned her cottage in the backyard as a place to stay for loved ones from Europe when they visited Miami. But family visits were rare and the chalet remained empty for much of the year. So, when Ugolini heard about a website where she could list the chalet and accommodate tourists in 2014, she decided to give it a try.

Now his chalet has become the Most Popular Airbnb Listing in Florida, measured by the number of times browsers added it to their wishlists, according to Airbnb.

“Now, one after another, the list is almost fully booked,” she said.

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