Flying taxis take off in Milan in 2026

Flying taxis take off in Milan in 2026

To coincide with the 2026 Winter Olympics there

The Beijing Winter Olympics are about to begin, but we already have reason to look forward to their 2026 edition in Milan and Cortina (Italy). News from there said Italy’s economic capital would launch its first flying taxi service during the big sporting event.

This will become possible after the preliminary installation of the necessary infrastructure. And by that we mean – vertiports. These will be strategically located landing pads that can accommodate the vertical takeoff aircraft that will buzz across the expanse of the city.

100% carbon-free flying taxis

The pioneering initiative is likely to become a reality after last fall SEA, the company that manages Milan Linate and Malpensa airports, signed an agreement with Skyports, a world leader in the design and management of vertiports .

On the occasion of the next Winter Olympics, Milan wants to appear as a city of the future, with something that until now we had only seen in science fiction films. They won’t exactly be flying cars, but they’ll likely be something even bigger – zero-emission electric planes, also known as personal air vehicles or VAPWhere eVTOL (electric vehicles with vertical take-off).

the Municipality of Milan, for its part, is committed to collaborating to identify the sites in which to build the vertical ports, also taking into account the interchange between the different transport systems (trains, metros), and to evaluate possible modifications to the plan planning to start the new urban air mobility services. Venues are likely to be located on the rooftops of the tallest buildings in the city.

As Milan today has already reported, the expected cost for a trip from Malpensa airport to the central area of ​​Milan would cost around 150-160 euros. This would make this type of service more affordable and take them out of the realm of the ultra-rich.

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