For info Miami: August 11, 2022

Written by Miami Today on August 9, 2022


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INCREASE IN VIOLENT CRIMES: Violent crime rose more than 25% in areas patrolled by the Miami-Dade Police Department in the first half of this year, according to new county figures., Non-violent crime rose 16% in the during the period. While homicides fell from 61 to 40 over the six-month period, virtually all other types of serious crimes increased. Rapes rose more than 21% to a total of 311, robberies rose nearly 50% to 464, aggravated assaults rose more than 25% to 2,362 and burglaries increased by almost 64% to 1,299. Motor vehicle thefts rose by a third, to 1,849. The figures do not include crimes in cities with their own police forces.

INSURANCE CHARGES VARY: Miami-Dade homeowners pay an average annual premium for property insurance of $5,093, according to a Florida Office of Insurance Regulation report released this month based on data from the first quarter of the year. That’s the second highest in the state after Monroe County’s average of $6,729. Third is Palm Beach County at $4,811, followed by Broward at $4,802. Rates are much lower outside of South Florida, such as $2,440 in Orange County (Orlando) and $2,320 in Hillsborough County (Tampa). Sumter County is the lowest in the state, at $1,438.

THE PRICE OF GAS CONTINUES TO DECLINE: Average Miami gasoline prices fell 15.6 cents per gallon last week to $3.84 per gallon, according to GasBuddy. Miami prices are 71.7 cents per gallon lower than a month ago and 81.5 cents higher than a year ago. The national average diesel price fell 13.1 cents last week to $5.14 a gallon.

SLOTS ARE PAID FOR THE STATE: As pari-mutuel facilities returned to more normal operations during the pandemic, tax collections in Florida on slot machines exceeded expectations. A report on Monday said slot machine tax revenue totaled $241 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30, beating an earlier forecast of $231.2 million. The Miami-Dade and Broward county pari-mutuels have slot machines, but the rest of the state pari-mutuels cannot offer the games.

STAYS COSTS: Miami ranks second among the most expensive cities in the world to stay in an Airbnb, according to a 2022 report by photography and decorating firm Inkifi with data from AirDNA and World Population Review. The average daily rate for Airbnb stays in Miami is $221.77, trailing Las Vegas with an ADR of $223.68 and ahead of San Francisco, which has an ADR of $219.85. The study also shows that, since 2019, the number of active Airbnb rentals worldwide has fallen from 303,535 to 209,682, a decrease of 30.92%.

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