Funchal beach resorts to get free Wi-Fi

Funchal beach resorts to get free Wi-Fi

Spectacular bathing facilities become more digital

The authorities of Madeira’s capital, Funchal, have decided to introduce free Wi-Fi infrastructure in the four bathing complexes available on the city’s seafront, as reported by the municipal website. The equipment necessary for the implementation of this initiative will soon be installed and will allow users of the beaches of Barreirinha, Lido, Ponta Gorda and Doca do Cavacas to access the Internet in the solarium and swimming pool areas.

Internet access is a basic need these days

The bathing complexes, which allow guests and residents of the city to enjoy a day at the beach without braving and risking going into the rough Atlantic Ocean, belong to the municipal company Frente MarFunchal.

Its administrator Rui Cortez commented on the occasion: “Internet access is practically a basic need these days, even for those who are at the beach or enjoying their vacation. This measure is another step towards providing more and better services to our users.

He added that “this partnership allows the company Funchal City Council to offer this service, at no cost to either the user or the company, since it is an exchange of advertising services with NOS Madeira, a company with which we are proud to celebrate this agreement, because it is a reference company in the field of telecommunications and based in the Region.

It is common knowledge that the mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, appointed the director Rui Cortez during the first month of his mandate with the aim of restructuring the Frente MarFunchal and ensuring a rigorous, transparent and professional management, but also dynamism and good public service.

Pedro Calado and the entire council team intend to reverse a cycle of negative financial results that had accumulated in recent years in the municipal company, and which have forced the Municipality to have to inject money so that the Front MarFunchal can honor its commitments to users, employees and suppliers.

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