Galway Castle makes list of world’s weirdest Airbnbs

That must be why I’m king of my castle…

A castle in Galway has been named to a list of the world’s most popular bizarre Airbnbs.

Cahercastle was ranked 19th in the world on a list published by

The castle was originally built in the 1400s and left unattended for over 200 years before being purchased by Peter Hayes in 1996.

Extensive restoration work is underway and the top two floors of the chateau are now available for four people per night.

Despite its age, the chateau has been updated to include modern amenities such as wifi and underfloor heating. It also has an interior fire, which Hayes offers to help light. on the list.

Hayes wants clients to recognize the age of the building and set their expectations accordingly.

“Remember, this is a castle that’s over 600 years old. That means it’s not perfect. Castles were never designed with bathrooms and showers, so we improvised.

“You will have to go down to take a bath which is in the living room – it is the most original part of the castle,” he wrote.

The price for renting the space changes with the season, but a night at the castle in November costs €290 for four people per night.

The first property on Airbnb’s listing was a cabin in the Blue Mountains, a range in southeastern Australia.

The treehouse is located between two national parks and features a spa, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a fireplace. A night in the property can cost more than 1500 €.

The cheapest weird property on the list was Cabana Floripa, an eco-house in Brazil. For €19 a night, guests can stay in a house made entirely of recycled bottles, stained glass and repurposed furniture.

Main image via Peter Hayes/ & James D. Morgan/

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