Georgian couple claim pool rental via app helps pay their mortgage

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — You might not be able to buy your own piece of paradise, but thanks to an app, you can rent someone else’s.

“We’re known for our elephant ears,” Jim Beach said.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or graduation, or just want some peace and quiet, the Beach family offers their backyard for a price.

“It’s like Airbnb, that’s the easiest way to put it. Instead of renting a house, we rent our backyard,” Beach said.

Through an app called Swimply, you can rent Jim and Megan’s pool and many others by the hour.

“The first month he paid our mortgage was pretty good,” Beach said.

The app has been around for about three years. Their goal is to be a platform where people can rent out their favorite spaces, like private basketball and tennis courts or art rooms, to paying customers.

“Many of our owners make an average of almost $5,000 a month renting their pools on Swimply. Our top owner in Florida has already made almost $200,000 and has only been on Swimply for a year and a half,” said Ha Nguyen of Swimply.

There are rules about the number of people allowed at your rental meeting or pool rental.

“Find out if your HOA or city allows Airbnb rentals, because we’re really no different than that,” Ha Nguyen, Swimply, said.

One family’s stay becomes another family’s paid bill, all through an app.

“Not only did we make some money, which is good for the mortgage, but we made some friends,” Jim said.

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