Giant Pink Airbnb in Wisconsin at Coochy Cabana Pool House!

Do you like the color pink? I mean, do you REALLY like the color pink? Because if you do, I have the best Airbnb for you, and in Hudson, Wisconsin, it’s less than two hours from Rochester, Minnesota and is available over Christmas and New Years!

Your host Brooke! See it in the video below.

This space has been updated since we last saw it (a story I made in 2018, click here), and the news is … it’s still 100% pink, glam, and glitter (including a room with glittery wallpaper!). New features include a pool, gym, year-round hot tub, third-floor “cabin”, and more.

IIt is expensive, however. At $ 2,543 / night, it adds up.

Pink Castle – Brooke – Click for the link

It’s about $ 550 per person for 16 people.

According to information on tthe Airbnb page, the house can accommodate 16 people in 5 bedrooms. It has 7.5 bathrooms and is tailor-made for a girls’ getaway, a bachelorette party weekend, or even an “I’m single again so go to a giant glam pink house!” Stop listening to me talk, scroll down to see the photos (watch the Coochy Cabana pool house!).

30 photos of the pinkest Airbnb mansion you’ve ever seen

The Château Rose –

“A magnificent Victorian mansion built in 1883, filled to the brim with lavish glamor and lots and lots of ROSE. You can even hire a pink climbing or pink moped with lashes for an extra charge!

The 4,400 square foot home features a workout room, Wi-Fi, full kitchen, living room, entertainment room, cabin-style attic, and 3 very unique spacious bedrooms with an upper cabin-style attic can hold 3 beds in each wing! Additional beds can be added on request.

We can’t stop there either … talking about relaxation with adult drinks. The Coochy Cabana pool house is where you can set up your bar while relaxing by the pool. Equipped with a lounge sofa, a bar area, a surfboard for an outdoor bar table, and bar stools and TV.

Hiring a bartender to serve you drinks is available a la carte. “

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