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The quiz master is absent, but the moment has been prepared. You’re faced with 15 slightly less topical general knowledge questions than usual, slightly interwoven with the same old jokes that get longer in the tooth than a very old walrus’s tusks. There is no price. It’s just for fun. Let us know how you fared in the comments.

The Thursday quiz, n° 90

  1. 1.HAPPY BIRTHDAY: It’s Rob Zombie’s birthday today. Happy birthday Mr Zombie. But which former Doctor Who recently appeared in Rob Zombie’s 2022 film The Munsters?

  2. 2.HAPPY BIRTHDAY (LIGHT BACK): It’s also Melanie Jayne Chisholm’s birthday today too. You might know her best as Mel C, and like the quiz master, you thoroughly enjoyed her New Year’s turn with Sam Ryder. But which Spice Girl was she?

    Mel C

  3. 3.COCKTAIL O’CLOCK: The Thursday quiz is partial enough to be written in the pub, which could explain a lot. A tendril contains gin and a cordial of which fruit?

    Royal cocktails

  4. 4.OTTAWAN’S DISCO POSER: The French duo recorded DISCO in 1979. But what C is a river that runs through Cornwall?


  5. 5.ENSEMBLE CAST: Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman appeared in which NBC sitcom aired in the United States from 1965 to 1970?

    retro living room

  6. 6.MEDICAL FIRST: In 1967, James Hiram Bedford, an American psychology professor at the University of California, was the first person to undergo what medical procedure?


  7. 7.DEMOCRATIC FIRST: Hattie Wyatt Caraway was the first woman elected to a full term in the US Senate, having initially taken her place after being nominated to replace her late husband. She won a special election on January 12, 1932. In what state?

    United States Capitol Hill

  8. 8.HIGHER OR LOWER WITH TONY YEBOAH: This week, the Leeds United legend wants to know which of these buildings is the tallest in Cardiff?

    Tony Yeboa

  9. 9.SET THE RECORD RIGHT: Which of these is the correct order for the first four studio albums released in the United States by Joni Mitchell?


  10. ten.OH HOW TERRIBLY VEXANT WITH DIDO: It doesn’t matter why Dido asks the flag question, she just does. Which of these statements best describes the traditional flag of the county of Northumberland in England?


  11. 11.GCSE SCIENCE CORNER: Which of these statements best describes an alkane?

    Scientist using a microscope

  12. 12.MATH WITH GOTHS: You’ve seen some great Gothic boots in the New Year’s sale. They are reduced from £125 to £87.50. What percentage of discount does the store offer?


  13. 13.LIFE WITH THE MACBETHS: This is a 2017 song by Sparks with Rebecca Sjöwall on guest opera vocals. But what is the title of Macbeth when we first meet him in Shakespeare’s tragedy?

    Ron from Sparks

  14. 14.IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: Meet Willow, the Guardian’s official Thursday quiz dog. But what was the name of the Remoolian alien who appeared as a pug dog in the 1997 movie Men In Black?

    Willow, the Guardian's official Thursday quiz dog

  15. 15.FRIENDS OF DOROTHY: Everyone knows that the main character of L Frank Baum’s 1900 children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is named Dorothy. But what is his surname, first mentioned in the 1902 stage version of the story written a few years later?


If you believe there has been a glaring error in any of the questions or answers, please feel free to email [email protected], but remember that the word of the master of the quiz is final and that he is on vacation anyway.

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