Glasgow court: Woman sold horrific sex abuse photos of baby she was caring for for £5,000

A woman sent indecent images of a two-year-old girl to a pervert who offered her £5,000.

Abigail Kikke was supposed to look after the child – but claimed the pandemic had left her in a ‘dark place’.

Kikke abused the child and also came into contact with a convicted sex offender online.

The 27-year-old was also trapped with a sick 69-picture phone at her mother’s home in Condorrat, Cumbernauld, in March 2020.

The girl appeared in 11 still and moving pictures.

Kikke pleaded guilty today at Glasgow High Court to sexually assaulting the girl and distributing pictures of her and other children.

She also admitted taking or permitting the taking of indecent images of children and being in possession of indecent photographs.

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The court heard that police had received reports that Kikke had used a social media app to broadcast indecent images of the girl.

A video lasting 1 minute and 58 seconds involving the pair has been recovered.

Officers were able to find Kikke using her internet address and her mother’s home was searched.

The house was searched while the baby was sleeping in a cot and various devices were seized.

Kikke’s phone was found to contain 69 indecent still and moving images, 11 of which depicted the girl.

Some of the images had previously been deleted by Kikke and were all created between March 18 and March 26, 2020.

One of the videos seized was an extended version of the video officers had previously found on the social networking site that was five minutes long.

There were audible gasps and screams from the girl’s uncle who was in court as the circumstances were read.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire said: “One of the images was sent by the defendant to an internet user known as ‘Dad’.”

Other images on the phone showed children ranging in age from three to four to 14 years old.

It was also discovered that Kikke had chatted with another netizen known as “Hollow” who asked him to perform sex acts on the girl.

Miss Maguire added: ‘She told ‘Hollow’ that she had sent ‘dad’ pictures of her and the girl and he was prepared to pay her £4,000.

“Between March 22 and 23, she corresponded with a user whom she called ‘Dad’ at his request.

“During their conversation, she told him she was in debt, self-isolating and struggling with no human contact other than the phone.

“He claimed he would send her £1,000 and in subsequent messages he claimed to be a successful stock trader who would take the wife and daughter overseas on holiday.”

Kikke followed up by sending photos of the girl in a diaper and another indecent image.

The hearing was informed that Kikke had communicated with another Internet user.

The couple discussed the kids before Kikke was told the user was “sexually excited.”

Kikke sent her images of the girl while she received an image of a male and female child.

Miss Maguire added: ‘The user has been identified as 43-year-old Gary Smith who lived in Wigan.

“He has since been found guilty by Bolton Crown Court of sexual offences, including those arising from his conversation with Kikke.

“He was sentenced to six months in prison for distributing images and attempting to organize or facilitate the commission of a sexual offense against a child whom he sentenced to 32 months in prison.”

Ronnie Renucci QC, defending, told the court that Kikke appreciates that a custodial sentence is “inevitable”.

He added: “These offenses took place at a dark time in his life.”

Sentencing was postponed until October pending substantive reports from Judge Lord Sandison.

Kikke, now from Alloa, showed no emotion as she was remanded in the meantime.

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