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A GANG of vandals caused £4,000 damage to an Airbnb apartment – amid claims properties are being rented out and destroyed in a new craze.

The rampaging yobs smashed mirrors, cabinets and doors – and even threw a gel-soaked TV into a bath.


Telly was thrown in the bath as the apartment was ransacked
    The furniture in the apartment was destroyed by thugs


The furniture in the apartment was destroyed by thugs

And the owners of the destroyed Battlefield house, Glasgowfeared entering a murder scene due to the extent of the damage.

The Airbnb host, who is 29 but asked not to be named, said: “It was like a horror movie. I had never seen anything like it.

The people who did this are a disgrace.

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“It’s clearly not a party gone wrong. They came here with the aim of causing as much damage as possible.

The student owner of the flat has told how she and her bank worker fiancé bought the pad in January and decided to try renting it out on Airbnb before a pal moved in on a longer term in March.

    The dirty room was left in pieces by the yobs


The dirty room was left in pieces by the yobs

One site user quickly agreed to pay £68 plus a cleaning fee and booked for February 22.

But the landlady said she panicked after a girl who looked about 18 showed up at the flat with a boy and claimed she planned to have a ‘quiet drink’ .

She allowed the couple to stay and moved back to her own flat elsewhere in the city before returning to find carnage the next morning.

Clothes were thrown all over the bed, bondage gear left hanging from a bed frame and the living room TV thrown into the bathtub covered in bubble bath and shower gel.

A hacksaw was also used to rip out fittings and a huge mirror was ripped from a wall.

The stunned owner said cops believed the frenzy was part of a new craze in the UK involving people renting Airbnb cushions just to destroy them.

    Apartment in perfect condition before being ransacked


Apartment in perfect condition before being ransacked

She added: “I had a bad feeling but I couldn’t believe how bad it was. The flat was unrecognizable.

“I thought we were going to come in and find someone murdered.

“I had contacted the girl that morning and freaked out when I noticed she had changed her name and hadn’t replied. It was absolute carnage.

Airbnb then agreed to pay the couple £500 for a cleaner and £70 for a locksmith.

But owners are likely to spend an extra £3,500 on a new carpet, painter, TV and furniture.

And they claim the site did not inform them that a neighbor had complained to them about the loud noise in the apartment.

The graduate student added, “Airbnb should have gotten the message out. We are really angry about this. We will never book it as an Airbnb again after this.”



Police Scotland confirmed cops were called to the property and added: ‘Inquiries are ongoing.

Airbnb sources denied knowledge of the apparent “craze” or any noise complaints at night.

A spokeswoman said: “We have zero tolerance for bad behavior. We have removed the guest from our platform and are providing the host with our full support. »

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