Glasheen & Tepper Advance to Republican First Round for HD 84

The Texas House District 84 Republican primary will advance to a second round. Carl Tepper and David Glasheen (pictured) were the top two voters in Tuesday’s primary election. Kade Wilcox and Cheryl Little finished third and fourth respectively in elementary school. HD 84 is located entirely within Lubbock County, with the vast majority of the district located within the town of Lubbock.

2022 Republican primary election
State Representative District 84
David Glasheen —— 41.88% —- 4,886***
Cheryl little ———— 4.92% —– 574
Carl Tepper ———— 40.21% —- 4,691 ***
Kade Wilcox ———– 12.99% —- 1,515

The race for HD 84 now continues for two and a half more months, with both candidates expected to continue their respective ad campaigns and Get Out to Vote efforts. Primary runoff is expected on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

In the meantime, you can hear both contestants make additional appearances on KFYO talk shows, including The Chad Hasty Show, Sunrise LBK with Dave King and Tom Collins, and The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin.

The winner of the HD 84 Republican primary runoff will replace State Rep. John Frullo in the Legislature due to no Democrats running for HD 84.

Rep. Frullo announced last year that he would step down from the Legislative Assembly and not run again in 2022.

Both Tepper and Glasheen served in the US Army during their younger years. Tepper with the Air Force, fighting in the Gulf War; Glasheen with the Marines.

Tepper’s political career also included a stint as chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party.

Both candidates received endorsements ahead of the primary, and more may be coming for the second round.

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