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MUNICH, December 07, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Savings Group (GSG) and (Pepper) have signed an agreement to join forces, combining the world’s largest shopping community with Europe’s leader in shopping recommendations and rewards. The deal marks the industry’s biggest deal of 2022 and creates a European champion with a global footprint. Together, GSG and Pepper will form a multinational technology company enabling shoppers in more than 20 markets to make safer buying decisions. GSG and Pepper will jointly operate the world’s largest shopping community, a recommendation and rewards platform connecting brands and retailers to consumers across more than 2 billion shopping journeys annually.

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Fabian Spielberger (CEO and Founder of and Gerhard Trautmann (CEO and Co-Founder of Global Savings Group) are about to join forces. (Photo: BusinessWire)

“We are extremely excited about this ground-breaking agreement which reinforces our leading position in Europe. Together with Pepper, we will significantly improve our ability to empower consumers and play an even more meaningful role in their daily lives, which will will open up a wide field of development opportunities to together shape the future of our industry.Together, we will create a unique, impactful and even more comprehensive portfolio of shopping solutions with enormous benefits for consumers, brands, retailers and publishers on a scale that simply isn’t possible elsewhere. Together, we’ll increase our transformative impact and drive GSG’s growth.”says Dr. Gerhard Trautmann, CEO of GSG.

“Our main goal has always been to bring the best and broadest money saving solutions to our communities. Our collaboration with GSG will greatly accelerate this process as it will allow us to diversify further. Together, we have more 20 years of experience helping people make smarter decisions and together we will deliver even better and more rewarding shopping experiences. Our loyal customers and many more to come will benefit from our combined content and technology.”comments Fabian Spielberger, CEO of Pepper.

Both GSG and Pepper are market leaders in their fields and have expanded their solutions and services through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. Following the 2018 takeover of UK loyalty specialist Pouch, GSG acquired iGraal and Shoop, the leading French and German cashback brands in 2020 and 2021 respectively, and most recently the US-based consumer brand and domain -United. Pepper has always shared GSG’s ambition to consolidate the sector’s fast-growing market and has expanded internationally since 2014. Today, Pepper operates market-leading social commerce platforms such as Dealabs, hotukdeals and mydealz. Together, GSG and Pepper will continue to develop and leverage technology to build the leading procurement solutions and services platform to consistently drive future growth in current and new markets and verticals.

About GSG

GSG is the largest shopping rewards company in Europe with an international presence in over 20 markets. The company’s goal is to empower consumers to get the most out of life by giving them access to the best savings, cashback, deals, product inspirations, reviews and other digital shopping services. Founded in 2012 and based in Munich, GSG employs more than 700 employees in 12 offices around the world.

About pepper is the world’s largest shopping community. From its headquarters in Berlin and offices in Guadalajara, London, Lyon and Winnipeg, Pepper Media Holding operates market-leading social commerce platforms such as Dealabs, hotukdeals and which are used by 25 million consumers per month and influence 12,000 purchasing decisions. per minute. The company was founded in 2014 by Fabian Spielberger and Paul Nikkel.

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