‘Greaser Hideout’ AirBnB opens across from Outsiders House in Tulsa

For several months, Danny Boy O’Connor has been working on a big project.

“It’s the greaser’s hideout,” he said with a laugh. “You can just hang out across the street with your greaser buddies.”

The “Greaser Hideout” is directly across from Tulsa’s famous Outsiders House Museum.

O’Connor bought it a few months ago and gave it a complete makeover.

“It looks like a pizza place,” O’Connor said. “There are a million different photos on the walls, and where to put those photos and what to put, what’s safe to put and what’s not.”

O’Connor is the museum’s executive director and a transplant from Tulsa and has worked for several years to expand the world of the Outsiders.

When that house across the street came up for sale, he decided to turn it into an immersive Air BNB.

“It’s the perfect house,” he said. “You can stay right across the street while I look away. I can see it myself. So the fans will come here. They can bring their daughters or their sons who are reading the book and they can look outside and go home and hang out or they can go to the park a block away from where the movie was shot or the rumble field or the Circle Cinema.

For three months, O’Connor and his team worked around the clock to install furniture, paint, fix the bathroom and fill it with many memories.

O’Connor says he already has a waiting list and hopes this new experience will give fans even more reason to visit Tulsa.

“They either know and love the movie, or they walk through and see it’s available, and then they fall in love with what I fell in love with, which is you people,” O’Connor said. .

O’Connor is completing the paperwork and expects the home to be listed on Air BNB within the next 72 hours.

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