‘Halloween Ends’ features a cameo from the original Michael Myers

When the Halloween the franchise rebooted with the simple title Halloween In 2018, director David Gordon Green cast the hulking James Jude Courtney as the new Michael Myers, but Courtney wasn’t the only actor to don the mask in this film. In a nod to John Carpenter’s 1978 original, Green also drafted Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, to return for some shots in a cameo. Now, Castle is back for Halloween endsbut it’s not where you might think.

As he did with previous films in the sequel trilogy, Castle – a friend of Carpenter’s who starred as Michael Myers in the low-budget original Halloween in part so he could spend time on set – played Michael Myers again for Ends, providing the famous spooky breathing sounds for characters and maybe even taking an appearance in the mask for a hit or two (we don’t have confirmation of that yet). But this time around, Castle was also lucky enough to appear without a mask, and you can find him in the middle of one of the film’s most chaotic sequences.

Nick’s Castle

Nick’s Castle Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

When Allyson (Andi Matichak) takes his date with Corey (Rohan Campbell) to a Halloween party at Lindsey Wallace’s (Kyle Richards) bar, Corey ends up freaking out as his past comes back to haunt him and ends up rushing into the room when he comes across an older man in a trench coat. When he meets Corey, the man opens the coat to reveal that he has covered his body in fake human organs and smiles as he asks “See something you like?”

Corey sure isn’t looking forward to sticking around and talking to this guy, but for a long time Halloween fans who have followed the franchise’s behind-the-scenes saga will know that it is Castle, who finally appears without a mask after more than 40 years of association with the franchise. A filmmaker himself, Castle also collaborated with Carpenter on the Oscar-winning student film The Resurrection of Broncho Billyand later co-wrote Carpenter’s Escape from New York. As a director, Castle’s work includes classics like The Last Starfighter and comedies including Dennis threatens her and Major Payne. In August, he shared a picture of him in a recording booth, laying down the breath sounds of Michael Myers “for the last time”.

So if you review Halloween ends on Peacock or on the big screen this weekend, take a minute to acknowledge Castle and his contributions to the franchise and beyond. He deserved it.

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chucky season 2

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