‘Has she done stuff like that in the past?’

A 21-year-old is reluctant to leave her mom borrow thousands of dollars from him.

She asked Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (AITA)advice forum. The young adult has been saving for months to leave for her first trip to Europe. When she mom heard about the trip, mom seemed supportive. Soon after, however, the mother asked to borrow all the money. Reddit recorded poster.

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“I planned to go to Barcelona about a year ago,” she said. mentioned. “It’s a place I’ve wanted to go for so long and the first place I’ll go outside of the United States. I started saving about four months ago and worked long hours at work.

“I finally saved enough to buy the airplane ticket and also a one-month trip to stay in an Airbnb (I’ve bought both of these things before). Now I have nearly reached my goal of what I wanted to save for the trip itself. I told my family about it and they were very excited for me. My mother even told me that she would give me extra money for my trip just in case.

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Then her mother asked to borrow all the money she had saved.

“Last night she told me she had a favor to ask me,” the poster wrote. “[She] asked me if I could let her borrow all the money I saved up (a few thousand dollars) to get two of her teeth fixed, something she’s wanted to do for a long time. She has two fake teeth in place until she gets the permanent fake teeth and says if she waits any longer to get the permanents she will have to start all over again with the temporary fakes.

“She told me she would refund me any money I gave her before I left for my trip, which I will be leaving for in about two months. I told him that I don’t know and how I would think about it. She reminded me that she would refund everything PLUS give me a little more. I told him again that I had to think about it. She got mad and told me she had sacrificed so much for me and my siblings growing up so we could have what we wanted and asked why I couldn’t do the same for her . I really don’t think I want to because my mom was never good with money.

Editors thought the mother was behaving suspiciously.

“Parents who manipulate their kids through guilt trips for selfish reasons are not good parents,” one user mentioned.

“It looks more like she’s trying to stop you from going on a trip.” Has she done stuff like that in the past? another asked.

“She’s scamming her own daughter”, someone commented.

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