Heated debate over short-term rental in New Buffalo

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. (WNDU) – The conversation continues in New Buffalo as dozens of residents fight to keep their short-term rentals.

“There are 13 people currently in a trial. You can make that go away quickly just by giving them a permit …. It’s not fair and it’s not fair. And the council should get it right before they start changing the law, ”said one resident.

At a city council meeting on Monday, several residents expressed concerns about a draft ordinance that, if approved, would impact short-term rentals.

“I own and the value of my property is going to be drastically reduced,” said resident Bill Logothetis.

“I know this board is made up of good people and they are trying to do the right thing, but I’m here to say they couldn’t be more wrong,” said one resident.

“The intent of the regulation is not to restrict or limit short-term rentals … safeguards to protect the consumer, landlord, surrounding neighbors and emergency responders,” City Manager Darwin said Watson.

In a statement, New Buffalo City Mayor John Humphrey said, “Tonight we have taken the first steps to correct this city’s ability to manage its tourism. The story that we are eliminating rentals has never been true, it is a distraction meant to prevent regulation. The City of New Buffalo will retain its 150 existing rentals and eventually allow short-term rentals to expand into designated areas. “

At a meeting last month, some commissioners said there must be more restrictions on rentals, but said the order was “completely unfair” and “it is difficult to make a decision without more. data”.

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