Here’s what you’ll pay to rent a private island in the Bahamas

Having a private island that you own – and can access at any time – is the dream of any traveler or nature lover. However, the truth is that island properties are damn expensive and, for many, just out of reach. According James Edition, the Amsterdam-based online luxury bazaar, owning a private island in the Bahamas can cost up to $60 million.

The good news is that there is always an option to rent these private island properties at a tiny fraction. And there is no loss. We’ll always have the island to ourselves and we’ll have the out-of-this-world experience we all read about or watch in the movies. And here we reveal what you are likely to pay to rent a private island in the Bahamas. Although Mexico may seem close and alluring, there are plenty of reasons why the Bahamas should be on every traveller’s mirror.

Cost of Renting a Private Island in the Bahamas

It’s the truth. While listings for a private island rental may appear in the $100-$200 per night range, these are likely to be apartments or resorts with multiple adjoining blocks with Airbnb-like service. The truth is, an island rental in the Bahamas will almost always cost no less than $2,000 per night. Of course, many of these private islands have properties or villas with many bedrooms, hence the argument that the cost per person is actually cheaper. However, as group boarding is not always guaranteed, it is safer to stick to the price per night and not per person.

Let us now give some specific examples. Little Darby Island is a private island in the Bahamas that can be rented for $3,752 per night. The beautiful villa occupies 6,300 square feet and includes 14 beds in the villa’s 7 spacious bedrooms. However, the listed sleeping capacity is 23. It has nine bathrooms, eight bathrooms, and a half bath. This rental property provides dream access to four secluded beaches lined with palm trees, shaded hammocks and fine sand. Activities that can be enjoyed here include biking, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming with – guess what – sharks or pigs.

  • Directions and Distance to Darby Island from Nassau: The distance between Little Darby Island and Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is 95 miles. Little Darby is on the southeast side of Nassau.
  • Directions and distance to Darby Island from Miami, Florida: Distance from Little Darby Island to Miami, Florida is about 250 miles on the southeast side.

Besides Darby Island, Middle Cay, located east of North Eleuthera just off Harbor Island, is a beautiful private island that can be rented for $6,428 per night. About two miles on the east side is the town of Dunmore – a quaint and charming town – which also happens to be the only one on Harbor Island. It will only take someone about an hour to get from Miami International Airport to North Eleuthera Airport, the closest airport to Middle Cay Island. From North Eleuthera Airport, a taxi to Three Island Dock will take approximately five minutes. From the Three Island Dock, Middle Cay Island is within earshot. And around Middle Cay are other beautiful islands surrounded by coral reefs which, although not as extensive as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, are still attractive.

  • How far is Middle Cay Island from Nassau: The distance is approximately 52 miles and takes approximately 36 minutes.
  • What is the ticket price for a flight from Nassau to Middle Cay Island: The ticket price varies between $155 and $391.

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What sites can help find a private island for rent in the Bahamas

Finding a private island for rent in the Bahamas, or elsewhere, is no walk in the park. That’s why finding a site that can help you locate a dream property is an appealing option. A good site to search for private island rentals is—an online marketplace where real estate brokers or agents list their properties for sale or rental. So someone who wants to rent an island will make sure to choose the rent option and not the sell option. The site allows you to filter searches based on the desired location.

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Currently, these are the private islands of the Bahamas that are listed for charter on From the filtered search, there are 13 islands someone can rent in the Bahamas. These private islands include Deep Water Cay, Kamalame Cay and Little Deadman Caythat are between $2,000 and $4,000to Over Yonder Cay which costs $44,000 a day. Finally, apart, is also a site full of resources.

Yet, no amount of money can compare to the dreamy experience one will get on a remote private island in the Bahamas.

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