Hilton announces new Premium Economy brand, here’s what travelers need to know

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Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the American multinational hotel company, announcement its last mark on Wednesday — Sparkle by Hilton. This new addition to its portfolio focuses on premium budget accommodation and hopes to provide travelers with convenient, quality amenities at an affordable price.

Spark by Hilton hotels will have a more minimalist and modern vibe and will enter the economy segment in offer rooms for approx. $85 to $100 per night.

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Spark by Hilton is the 19th markand there are more 100 offers in development across the United States. The company plans to open the first properties by the end of this year, so you can expect to see a Spark soon near you.

Just a few months ago, Hilton also announced a new hotel brand called Tempo by Hilton which debuted in New York. The company is constantly growing and improving its services to provide travelers with excellent accommodation alternatives. They also recently included new equipment like Peloton bikes at all 5,400 Hilton hotels in the United States in 2022.

New Spark by Hilton building, photo courtesy of Hilton, Premium Economy
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With this new brand, Hilton is expanding its network and targeting busy travelers looking for comfortable and affordable hotels. Here’s what travelers need to know about the new brand:

About Spark by Hilton

This new brand was born after long research. Hilton has determined the needs of travelers for Spark by Hilton and expects to provide a comfortable and reliable experience at an affordable rate.

“Every traveler deserves a reliable, quality stay that fits both their lifestyle and their budget,» said to them promotional video. Here’s what travelers can expect from Spark by Hilton regarding their new concept:

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Spark by Hilton hotel reception, premium economy class
© 2022 Hilton
  • Simplicity: This new brand stays away from luxury and glamorous experiences and embraces simplicity. Properties will have colorful exteriors and energizing artwork, multifunctional furniture and communal tables in public areas. It will focus on practical amenities such as multi-purpose work surfaces and in-room refrigerators.
Spark by Hilton Hotel Room
© 2022 Hilton
  • Unexpected touches: At Spark by Hilton, travelers will discover exciting amenities and experiences like a signature bagel bar with spreads, “a 24-hour retail market for travelers on the go,” or free breakfast.
  • Reliable service: Hilton expects to provide helpful service, including attentive staff, 24-hour digital check-in, digital keys, and all basic amenities.
  • Consistent quality: Hotels adopting the brand will undergo refurbishments to ensure brand standards and requirements.
Public space at Sparks by Hilton Hotel
© 2022 Hilton

More details on properties, amenities, experience and opening dates should be available throughout the year.

Hilton’s expansion and expectations

With this new brand, Hilton expands in the market and becomes an active competitor. Travelers can change luxury all-inclusive resorts in Mexico to Spark by Hilton’s new simple and convenient accommodations when it better suits their needs. Now that Airbnb is losing popularity and more and more travelers are getting interested in hotels again, it could be a great budget option for time-pressed travelers.

Woman using microwave at Spark by Hilton hotel.jpeg
© 2022 Hilton

The hotel company has opened a new brand far from luxury but with the hope of still making a difference and offering a distinguished service in the segment. Matt Schuyler, Chief Brand Officer at Hilton, said: “Looking at the economy category, we saw a segment that has seen dramatic growth but lacks consistency, giving us an opportunity to address the needs of this underserved segment of travelers.”

A man and a woman check into a Spark by Hilton property
© 2022 Hilton

If Hilton’s words are true, travelers can expect Spark to be a hotel they know, no matter which one they stay at. The hotel style and experience will be consistent across Spark properties and travelers will be able to enjoy a high level of economy. experience without a large cost increase.

Aerial view of a Hilton Hotel Resort at the beach

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