Hire and stay on a double decker bus in Caldwell

There are many things to consider when planning a trip somewhere, one of the most important is where to stay. Accommodations can turn a break into a vacation and having a memorable and unique place to stay can be a game changer. This one strikes the perfect balance between awesome, unique, and inexpensive. Double-decker buses have always fascinated me. The first one I saw was in a movie and looked unreal. I’ve only seen 2 in Idaho, one is a mobile cafe double decker bus and the other. . . This wonderful little Airbnb in Caldwell. The same couple owns both Double Deckers here.

Known as Airbnb’s “Double Decker Bus – Hideaway” this scenic and comfortable bus is perfect for those looking for memorable photos and stories. The listing says: “This vintage bus, delivered from England, has been transformed into a guest retreat that will have you feeling like you’re abroad for a refreshing vacation. Full kitchen, full bathroom and private room, all with views! Walking trails for miles, private parking. The bus is located on two acres with our home sharing the space.”

The only rentable double-decker bus in the United States is in Caldwell Idaho on Airbnb

This Boise Airbnb Has Been Named Idaho’s ‘Most Breathtaking’

Move over Potato Hotel and Doggie Staycation, there’s a new and not so original Airbnb in Idaho. The website like to explore named all states “Most Breathtaking Airbnb”. The Idaho winner is right in the heart of Boise and looks wonderful. Check out the peaceful outdoor location for the beautiful interior decor and great use of space.

Invite your friends into this amazing Airbnb Idaho cabin

The place really seems like it can create a trip and an experience that you are unlikely to forget. It has a hot tub, views all around, kids playroom, adult bar and playroom, gym and more.

Private Hotsprings Pool at SnowSprings Pool House one hour from Boise Airbnb

This awesome Airbnb cabin is only about an hour drive from Boise. Get quite the stay, with private hot springs and incredible views. The rock work and the massive wooden columns are quite impressive.

Top 8 Airbnbs in Idaho for the Perfect Stay

Here are the top 8 according to Territory supply. There are multiple photos for each Airbnb home to check out.

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