Historic hotel part of Castle Rock downtown project plan | mike mckibbin

An initial design proposal for a redevelopment project involving The City Hotel in downtown Castle Rock.picture byWhite Development/Town of Castle Rock

By Mike McKibbin / NewsBreak Denver / January 25, 2023

[CASTLE ROCK, COLO.] — A 150-plus-year-old historic hotel in downtown Castle Rock would be included in a proposed and preliminary project that would include a new hotel, restaurant and other commercial ventures.

However, parking can be the biggest hurdle.

On Tuesday evening, Tim White and Devin Visciano of White Development explained their vision for the redevelopment of the property at 415 Perry St., home to the historically registered and iconic City Hotel building.

One of Castle Rock’s oldest buildings (built in 1872 and moved to its current location around 1894), the structure would be fully restored and paired with a new 22,000 square foot, 24-room boutique hotel.

The proposed design — which the two men said was preliminary and subject to change — would see the historic structure used for the main food and beverage venue and main lobby of the new hotel, with 3,700 square feet of space to accommodate hotel guests and visitors. .

Adjacent to the courtyard would be two commercial units for rent. They would be built with a restoration infrastructure to allow flexible use. A 3,800 square foot yard would also be featured.

Hotel rooms would also be flexible for uses such as small office suites for visiting business people or family suites with bunk beds. The new hotel would also house a rooftop bar. less


A map of a proposed redevelopment project in downtown Castle Rock involving the historic City Hotel.picture byWhite Development/Town of Castle Rock

Better infrastructure, historical aspect

“Towns with a lot less people than Castle Rock have these big brick buildings that they’ve preserved for the community,” White told a small gathering of residents.

“We felt it was something that was really needed in the northern part of downtown,” Visciano added. “There’s been a lot of development on the south end, but not as much on the north end.”

The interior of the old hotel building would be updated with steel infrastructure, and the exterior would retain as much of the historic look as possible. Bricks left over from the former Acme Brick Co. site could be a design feature.

The estimated cost of the project was not disclosed, but Visciano noted that room rates would be competitive with those charged by online booking companies like Airbnb.

Unknown parking details

Many questions focused on the need for more downtown parking. The initial plan now includes only 11 parking spaces. Visciano said a hidden parking lot and valet parking program, along with nearby vacant lots, could help meet the city’s requirements. Parking structures were also mentioned.

“We know we don’t have enough spaces there,” White said. “There are other landlords in the northern part of the city center with the same problem, so working with them can help too. But we won’t do that if there isn’t enough parking space. city ​​requirements are fair.”

Visciano said the city needs 1.2 parking spaces for every hotel room, with some exceptions and allowances.

He also estimated that the project could take up to 2.5 years to complete and be open for business.

“We still have a lot of exploratory work to do,” Visciano added.

The project will soon go through a public hearing before the city’s design review board.

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