HOME ALONE House hits Airbnb just in time for the holidays

There were several famous houses I wanted to live in in the 90s. The prince of Bel-Air mansion and the Full house townhouse to name a couple. But the one that really tops the list is the Alone at home lodge. This not-so-humble abode in Illinois is a dream for anyone who loves Christmas and wishes they could run down the hall screaming like Kevin McCallister. It’s easily one of the most famous and recognizable houses in film history and fans can now experience its full glory. It’s true, the Alone at home the house is now on Airbnb! Get ready to fight these filthy animals who want to take your rightful place. (Thank you Mashable for reporting this delicious news.)


The exterior of Winnetka’s Illinois home is much the same as it was in the 1990 film. However, fans watching her status know that the interior is quite different now. The hallmarks of a 90s house with ugly wallpaper and garish furniture are long gone. Kevin’s house, which sold in 2012 for $1.58 million, is chic and sleek to reflect current aesthetics.

photo of Home Alone house interior on Airbnb with stockings and a Christmas tree by the fireplace
photo of Home Alone house stairs

But some of that festive energy is back now that the Alone at home the house is on Airbnb! According to a booking page, the house is all decked out in Christmas cheer with stockings by the fireplace and a pretty tree. There are even pictures of Buzz, who will be “hosting” the guests, on the wall. And, of course, the dining room table is set with a bowl of macaroni and cheese just for you.

You will not be able to order Little Nero’s Pizza or watch Angels with dirty souls because they don’t exist! And honestly, you might not get the chance to spend a night at the McAllisters either. Booking will open December 7th at 1:00 PM CT for a one night stay only. The lucky person will be able to stay on December 12 and will receive a LEGO Ideas Alone at home together. They can also relax and watch the Home Sweet Home alone movie on Disney+. (That part isn’t so lucky, huh?)

home alone home dining table with two candles and bowl of macaroni and cheese

Airbnb is also making a one-time donation to La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago in honor of this Alone at home an event. So set your calendars and hope you’re as quick with the keys as Kevin was setting up all those sadistic traps.

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