Horizon Global Announces Agreement with First Brands Group | app

PLYMOUTH, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 3, 2023–

Horizon Global Corporation (NYSE: HZN) (“Horizon Global”), a leading global manufacturer of branded towing and towing equipment, today announced that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with First Brands Group, LLC (“First Brands”), a global auto parts manufacturer serving the global automotive aftermarket, under which First Brands will acquire Horizon Global (the “Transaction”). The terms of the transaction include an all-cash tender offer which, when successfully completed, will entitle each shareholder of Horizon Global common stock to receive cash consideration of $1.75 per share.

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kAm%96 42FE:@?2CJ DE2E6>6?ED D6E 7@CE9 23@G6 D9@F=5 36 4@?D:56C65 😕 4@??64E:@? H:E9 2?J DF3D6BF6?E HC:EE6? @C @C2= 7@CH2C5=@@<:?8 DE2E6>6?ED E92E H6 @C A6CD@?D 24E:?8 @? @FC 3692=7 >2J :DDF6](6 42FE:@? C6256CD ?@EE@ A=246 F?5F6 C6=:2?46 @? 7@CH2C5=@@<:?8 DE2E6>6? OF[ H9:49 DA62< @?=J 2D @7 E96 52E6 @7 E9:D C6=62D6] }6H C:D E:>6 E@ E:>6[ 2?5 :E 😀 :>A@DD:3=6 7@C FD E@ AC65:4E E96D6 6G6?ED @C 9@H E96J >2J 27764E w@C:K@? v=@32=] (6 5@ ?@EF?56CE2<6 2?J @3=:82E:@? E@ C6G:6H @C 4@?7:C> 2?2=JDED’ 6IA64E2E:@?D @C 6DE :>2E6D @CE@ C6=62D6 AF3=:4=J 2?J C6G:D:@?DE@ 2?J 7@CH2C5=@@<:?8 DE2E6>6?EE@ C67=64E 6G6 ?ED @C 4:C4F>DE2?46D 27E6C E96 52E6 @7 E9:D C6=62D6 @CE@ C67=64E E96 @44FCC6?46 @7 F?2?E:4 :A2E65 6G6?ED[ 6I46AE 2D @E96CH:D6 C6BF:C65 3J =2H]k^am

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kAmk2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^HHH]3FD:?6DDH:C6]4@>^?6HD^9@>6^a_ab_`_b__da_d^6?Qm9EEAi^^HHH]3FD:?6DDH:C6]4@>^?6HD^ 9@>6^a_ab_`_b__da_d^6?k^2mk^Am

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