Host lists garden tents on Airbnb as ‘tropical’ place to stay during 2022 Games – and it’s cheap

Looking for an ‘exotic’ but cheap place to stay during the Birmingham Commonwealth Games? Well, look no further.

A woman is offering visitors the chance of a lifetime: sleeping in tents in her back garden at Washwood Heath for just £27 a night.

Calling it a “unique camping experience” and a “tropical oasis,” Airbnb host Brenda says “you’ll have the whole place to yourself.”

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But, to leave no doubt, she clarifies that this is not a house booking – however, a downstairs bathroom is available during the stay.

The photos on the listing show three small tents in the garden, enough to accommodate up to six people.

The garden is described as a “lush tropical space”, with “plenty of natural water features” and “seating area”.

Incredibly, space is still available to hire for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on July 28.

While some may think this listing is a liquidation, Airbnb accepts card payments to stay here.

Additional costs for guests include hiring a ‘fully functioning barbecue’ for £10 – which thankfully also includes a bag of charcoal and lighting fuel.

A chimney log burner can also be hired for £10 and includes lighting materials.

The listing was spotted by Manchester resident Jordan Lewis while trying to find accommodation during the tournament.

Jordan wrote on Twitter: “Trying to find reasonable accommodation in Brum for the Commonwealth Games as they are all inflated to over £300 a night.

“I found one on Airbnb, only to click on it and it’ll be a tent in someone’s backyard. At least it’s an ‘oasis’.

“I still can’t get over the ad saying ‘whole place for you’…it’s a tent, Brenda.

“The worst part is if you’re cold it costs an extra £10 to hire the wood burner.”

The wood stove

The host of this dream location warns those interested that she is “not Mother Nature” and has “no control” over the weather forecast.

But added that gazebos can be installed for “additional protection”, in case of rain.

Rave reviews from guests staying at Brenda’s ‘peaceful’ garden hailed her as a ‘friendly’ host.

All seven enjoyed their stay, with one writing, “You really don’t feel like you’re in town when you’re there.”

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