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Inside Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s house in South Delhi, it’s now on Airbnb. The Telegraph gets a preview

Saionee Chakraborty


Posted on 11/29/20, 11:52 PM

Although she often visits the city, it is Delhi winters, coats, shawls, fireplace, winter food that Gauri Khan misses the most. The pro of design, architecture, interior projects and furniture shared all things Delhi on the sidelines of the launch of Airbnb’s “Home with Open Arms” campaign which will see her and the Panchsheel house Shah Rukh Park, welcoming Airbnb guests. The duo are Airbnb’s “first Bollywood host”, the one who saw Gauri “beautify” the space and fill it with “nostalgia”. Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan, who has known Khans for decades, spoke to Gauri during a Zoom call on the special project.

Farah: You have been a producer, interior designer, costume designer before, super mom, wife … kuch toh chhor dae, Gauri, one more thing added to your list …

Gauri: My hands are in too many pies now.

This beautiful house has witnessed so many happy memories together - Gauri Khan

Farah: But the pies all turn out to be delicious. You are Airbnb’s first Bollywood host, which is really a surprise Gauri and something quite extraordinary …. How did the collaboration come about?

Gauri: The collaboration actually started with my home in Delhi. Delhi has always been very special in mine and in the life of Shah Rukh (Khan). This is the city where our journey began. We have made this house our home for the past decades. This beautiful house has witnessed so many happy memories together.

The concept of Airbnb fascinated me and it was such a smooth experience when we went to LA …

Gauri Khan at her home in Delhi

Farah: When the kids went to college …

Gauri: Yes. It was a home away from home and this campaign was sparked by the fantastic experience. We had gone to drop the kids off at the university last year. Upon my return there were a few meetings with the Airbnb team and we started to work closely regarding my home in Delhi.

Farah: I had wonderful memories, thanks to Gauri … his parents’ house earlier ….

Gauri: I designed and renovated my home in Delhi so that we can show it on Airbnb. It is connected to my design space and my sensitivity.

Farah: I’m dying to see this new design … I stayed there a long time ago … a typical Delhi house, warm and cozy ….

Gauri: When I say refurbished, you will find all of these elements. This is what we have collected for so many years. It’s very organic. We just repackaged all of our memories and the beautiful things that we have collected.

Farah: What inspired the design of this house? Was it especially for Airbnb or something you wanted to do at home anyway?
Gauri: This house is really special because I personally organized every corner. It’s a glimpse of our lives together … Shah Rukh and mine as a couple and then as a family, our children … a work of art he collected, Aryan’s first badminton racket, the pretty Suhana’s brushes … she loves to craft – up high. So, we created a corner. AbRam’s first gift … it’s a very nostalgic wall that I created.

The house has memorabilia like Aryan's first badminton racket, daughter Suhana's makeup brushes

Farah: What are your favorite places in Delhi?

Gauri: There used to be this place called Hauz Khas village. Very quaint and the coolest place in town. Just being there for coffee, taking a walk … it was super exciting … Nirula’s hot chocolate fondant was the highlight and those burgers. We could go there once every two months because that was the pocket money we had. It was a treat.

Farah: What are your favorite destinations around the world?

Gauri: Currently, I am focusing on Milan and the Milan fair. This is what I love because there is so much inspiration out there. Of course, I love Rome because of its magnificent museums and cathedrals and its majestic architecture.

Farah: What is your favorite souvenir from Delhi? I know you fell in love in Delhi and got married there …

Gauri: Whenever I go to Delhi I spend a lot of time with my family, relaxing at home, watching movies … I’m practically indoors. We would have our take out at Chic Fish.

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