How Instacart’s remote collaboration investments support grocery delivery

Key points:

  • Technological disruptor Instacart made an appearance at InfoComm.
  • The pandemic has made Instacart’s services a necessity.
  • The massive increase in the number of users has imposed an additional workload on the employees.


MarketScale is on the ground in Orlando to InfoComm 2021, the audiovisual industry’s big show of the year, discussing with industry professionals the impact 18 months of shutdowns and pandemic disruption has left on the audiovisual industry, as well as the most exciting trends for the future work of the industry. Even tech and service disruptors in Silicon Valley, like Instacart, made an appearance at the show. As a company whose grocery delivery services became almost a necessity for a few months during the pandemic, this massive increase in the number of users and the workload of Instacart employees that followed took its toll. contact in various AV sectors.

Tyler kern spoke to the AV manager of Instacart, Shannon webster, to share a few perspectives on the kind of internal AV needs, like workplace collaboration, that Instacart had as a company over the past year.

Brief thoughts:

All the features that have come out in the last couple of years, such as the breakout rooms that we use for our orientation on new hires. We even took advantage of Airbnb experiences. They pivoted and they started to organize, you know, remote events where you can connect and do team building. I mean, it’s really interesting, like the innovation that was driven by the pandemic. Some of the innovation driven by the pandemic has likely resulted in strong growth for a company like Instacart.

I didn’t want to go to the grocery store, but now we’ve become like an essential service provider and a huge lifeline, in addition to serving customers who may have a disability and can’t do their shopping for themselves – same. It’s a mission I can really be a part of just by seeing how we really helped people get through the pandemic. That’s a great point, you know, and I think about grocery delivery and things that became popular because of the pandemic, but then people realized, “I really liked that.”

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