In a recent interview with guitar world, Compliance Corrosion leader Keenan Pepper talked about how Metallica’s James Hetfield guide COCs. at the end of the 90s.

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“We were going from clubs to all of a sudden we were in a football stadium in Warsaw. And tour Europe and the United States…. Playing in Europe in the Eastern Bloc countries, where no one has really heard of you – opening for Metallic at that point in their career when they were just giants. You must have put on your big boy pants real quick. [Laughs] It was quite a learning curve.”

Keenan continued by saying: “Hetfield was great to guide us. And that was in the round – we weren’t with amps right behind us anymore. It was circular and it was a whole different ball game. You just put up or shut up.

“And the most important thing is that you didn’t want the crowd to do, ‘Metallic! Metallic! Metallic!’ in the middle of your set. You just had to goes. And it was wonderful – it was a great learning experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

It’s not the first time we hear about Hetfield be a mentor to others moving up the ladder. justin hawkin of darkness spoke graciously about how Hetfield helped him during a rather dark period in Hawkins‘ life.

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Keenan also spoke about his partnership with ESP Guitars, saying, “We went to rehearse [for the Metallica tour] in an airship hangar in Birmingham, England, and Wooded and I had Gibson SGs, but they were just ratty. And I remember Hetfield saying, ‘Man…these guitars won’t!’ So he put us in touch with ESP, and they made us copies of our favorite SGs. And we’ve been using them ever since.”

Keenan went on to say, “They are just super strong. And I had mine made as thick as a Telecaster… But they’re just workhorses… they’re beautiful guitars….[TheyareanextensionofthewayweplayandIwouldbelostwithoutthem.

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