How Kate Middleton and Prince William broke their social media silence after the release of the ‘Harry & Meghan’ trailer

Prince William and Kate Middleton very publicized Boston Tour took a step back from the trailers for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix Documentary Series and the palace racist scandal last weekbut the Prince and Princess of Wales posted their first social media posts after the Harry and Meghan the release of the trailer on Monday is particularly interesting and revealing.

The first, shared on December 5, was a message thanking the people of Boston for their royal trip – a signal that things are still business as usual for the royal family. The second photo in the gallery showed William’s hand on Kate’s back at the Earthshot Prize Awards, a small pinch of PDA in an otherwise standard royal visit gallery.

This morning, when much of the UK tabloid coverage focused on Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series The Prince and Princess, who notoriously almost never show public displays of affection, released a series of behind-the-scenes black and white photos taken by Chris Jackson for the Earthshot Prize, showing them exceptionally in love again. « Behind the scenes of the second edition #EarthshotAward awards ceremony 🌎🏆,” they captioned the post. “Celebrating brilliant solutions and the inspiring people behind them!”

The couple didn’t say anything about Meghan and Harry’s project, which sadly featured a glaring photo of them in her first teaser, either in their Earthshot message or in their “thank you, Boston” message. They too did not comment the Harry and Meghan project during their trip.

Chris Jackson – Getty Images

The romantic Instagram could arguably be seen as another attempt by Kate and William to put the focus back on them and the Earthshot Prize Awards (which itself has been the subject of controversy as celebrities attended the ceremony, but the winners accepted their awards remotely to reduce the carbon footprint required for travel). But it looks like even a rare public love-fest between the prince and princess can’t distract the internet from the promise of the royal family drama reveal.

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