‘This is the story of how hate blinds you’: Employee’s attempt to falsely accuse co-worker backfires when he himself gets fired

While some might consider work to be “just work”, i.e. just a part of their life, it is still quite important to feel good and appreciated. in our workplace, because we spend the majority of our time there. Thus, any distraction or disagreement with other colleagues could affect our work and even our well-being. Especially if someone bothers us for no clear or apparent reason. Even though we try to avoid such situations, sometimes it seems that they still find us. With that in mind, Reddit user @u/littlewasknown decided to share a story that happened to them at work. The situation that was shared in Reddit’s malicious compliance was upvoted over 10,000 times and caught the attention of other users.

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Having a pleasant and safe working environment is a must for an employee so that he can do his job properly.

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The author of the message revealed that they worked in radiology and that 15 years ago they had a colleague called Smith. It seemed like the relationship between them wasn’t the best as Smith had already received two warnings for abusing their boss and the original poster (OP). But even these two warnings didn’t work for them as they tried to make the narrator’s life even more difficult and to get revenge. It was shared that Smith would do a lot of irritating little things like eat OP’s lunch or use their x-ray markers.

The Reddit user decided to share a story about how his colleague wanted to blame him for a poorly done assignment

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Their colleague Smith was known to have abused the author of the message

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The main event in the story happened when an accident and emergency (A&E) doctor said that one of the x-ray images had been done incorrectly. It was then that Smith went to check the board with everyone’s work schedules and saw that the author of the message was the one working that shift. That’s when they thought of going to their boss and asking him to get HR involved so they could investigate the situation and probably punish the radiographer for a bad job.

One day, a doctor complained about the poor quality of x-ray images, so Smith blamed it all on their colleague.

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The Reddit user revealed that when asked about the situation, they explained that Smith was the one working that night and made these images.

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When the author of the message was asked to speak to two human resources representatives and a freelance chief radiologist from another hospital, they all agreed that the images were not of good quality. That’s when investigators asked OP why they hadn’t done the job properly, to which they replied that they weren’t responsible for the footage. It was then revealed that Smith was the one working that day, covering for the Reddit user because he was sick. That’s when they asked Smith to go through the same process as them and even filed a lawsuit against them for wrongful allegations.

The original poster didn’t leave these accusations just like that and made HR reps do the same investigation this time with Smith

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Even after Smith was cornered about what happened, they tried to prove their innocence by showing the plan where OP was listed to work, but their payslip proved them wrong. After a few more misdemeanors, Smith was fired. The Reddit user added that the specialist may not have done this because of bad intentions, but because he was in a very difficult position mentally, and that’s why he behaved like he did it, also failing to do its job properly.

Although the radiographer tried to walk away from this mess, they were eventually fired

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The author of the post took some time to clarify some of the things mentioned in the story

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Many other online users have taken an interest in the story because it’s not often that someone tries to blame you for their own mistakes. Someone was interested to know how this could happen when X-ray technicians usually use special markers with their initials. These are often used to mark one side of the body, the date of the procedure, and may also include the patient’s name. The author of the post revealed that after Smith used his marker, they decided to go with “regular” markers.

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They also explained why they didn’t use the x-ray markers, revealing other things Smith was doing to them.

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This story got many Reddit users interested in the whole situation.

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