How Photowalk Nashville Began, Became a Destination

  • Self-taught photographer Christy Hunter has revealed the journey behind starting her successful photography business Photowalk Nashville.

Photographer Christy Hunter has come a long way since shooting with her first single-lens DSLR camera in 2011.

The Photowalk Nashville founder has launched a business partnership with Gina Palmeri, of hen party company Nashbash Experiences, to launch an extension of her brand called Photowalk Scottsdale, which focuses on walking tours for photographers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She also recently appeared in the comedy short “Nashville Bachelorettes: A Ben Oddo Investigation.” The Tennessean recently sat down with Hunter to talk about his career and what’s next.Can you describe your journey to becoming a photographer?Before the Internet was available, I used to go to bookstores as a child and teenager, and look at books. I also loved old films from the classic Hollywood age, so I was quite obsessed with old Hollywood glamour. I would just look at these photos, and if I could find any of the Hollywood starlets of the 40s, I would love the photos and how stylish they were, from the makeup to the hair. I’ve always had a fascination with iconic photos.

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