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Although the threat of a hidden camera is rare, it can worry tourists. Aaron Bond, private investigator and security expert at Rees linkexplained how to spot one.

think like a criminal

“If someone wants to invade your privacy, think about where they should position the camera to do so,” Aaron said.

He added: “The first place to look would be high and wide, think of the ceilings and corners of a room as they provide the best field of vision.”

A hidden camera can be hidden in the corner of a room or high up to get a wide angle.

Tourists may be particularly concerned that bathrooms and bedrooms are secretly filmed.

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Know what you should be looking for

Hidden cameras are increasingly difficult to spot as devices have become much smaller in recent years.

Some lenses can be as small as a pin, making it very difficult for tourists to identify a hidden camera.

Aaron said: “The body of a hidden camera will never be exposed, so unfortunately the part of the camera that is visible to us is also the smallest part of it.”

He added that the cameras could be hidden in everyday objects which might not immediately arouse suspicion.


Use your cell phone to detect hidden cameras

Aaron said: “If you have a cell phone that can detect infrared signals, walk around the room and scan for suspicious items. If you see a red light on any of these objects, there is a camera inside.

Although not all cell phones can detect hidden cameras, some mobile cameras can detect infrared light.

Britons can find out by turning on the ‘selfie’ camera and pointing it at their TV remote control when changing the TV’s volume or channel.

If they see a red light when they do, their phone is capable of detecting infrared signals.

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Create a DIY Camera Detector

Seeing a lens in a brightly lit room can be very difficult and if a phone is unable to detect infrared light, tourists will have to improvise.

They can use a toilet paper roll and a torch to do this. Aaron said: “The cheapest and most effective way to find a hidden camera lens in your vacation rental is to turn off all the lights in your bedroom and close all the curtains and blinds.

“Next, take the inside of a roll of toilet paper and hold it close to one eye while closing the other. The camera lenses will glow when light hits them and using the toilet paper will help your eyes focus and make finding these intrusive devices easier.

Buy and use an RF detector

Aaron recommended that tourists buy an inexpensive RF detector if they travel frequently.

He said: “To use an RF detector, you will need to unplug items that broadcast signals such as WIFI units, games consoles, baby monitors and televisions.

“You then need to scan the property for signals. When you pick up a signal your device will beep, from there you need to look at the object to investigate further.

“There can be false alarms with these types of devices, so if something beeps, don’t panic and investigate further.”

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