How to Score a Free Wawa on Wawa Hoagie Day

It’s that time of year again! Hoagiefest is back and I think it’s definitely better than Christmas! If you don’t know what Hoagiefest is, now is the time to take advantage of big discounts on hoagies in Wawa.

It was announced that Hoagiefest starts on June 23 this year and ends on August 24.

Two months of discounted Wawa seems like the perfect addition to summer if you ask me! Another great offer from Wawa is that on June 29, which is Free Hoagie Day, Wawa is offering free hoagies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that you could get your hands on for the start of Hoagiefest.

It is said that there will be 7 tons of FREE Wawa Hoagies served during the day and over 30,000 free hoagies will be given away to support local community heroes. In New Jersey and Philly, Hoagiesfest is like a national holiday, so it’s only right to celebrate.

The details we know are below.

Where can you get free hoagies in Wawa on Wawa Hoagie Day?

If you’re from the Philadelphia area, you can head to the Independence Mall in Old Town at noon to get your hands on a free Wawa hoagie as part of the Wawa Hoagie Day celebration. Plus, over 960 other Wawa locations will join in the festivities.

What is Wawa Hoagie Day?

Wawa organizes a festival called Wawa Welcome America which is a festival in Philadelphia, PA. There are two weeks of events scheduled beginning June 19 and ending July 4, and June 29 is Wawa’s “Historic Hoagie Day.”

What is Wawa Welcome America?

It is a celebration organized by Wawa until the 4th of July. Many events are planned, such as fireworks, neighborhood parties, a parade and even performances by different artists.

The next two weeks are filled with fun to celebrate freedom and freedom. Many events are free and worth attending, with a Wawa Hoagie in hand!

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