Cardboard fire sends plume over Richland Walmart

Walmart Fire (KNDU TV)

Walmart Fire (KNDU TV)

Richland Police and Fire crews continue to investigate a fire early Monday morning at Walmart on Duportail. (image courtesy of KNDU NBC TV)

Fire crews were dispatched outside the back of the store

According to reports, flames reached a height of 20ft in the air from the blaze, which apparently started in some cargo containers filled with packed cardboard.

As you probably know, Walmart recycles their cargo boxes (they stamped it on the sides). They are tightly packed into large cube-shaped squares weighing hundreds of pounds.

We don’t yet know what started the fire, but it appears that several cargo containers caught fire. Each is about ten feet tall, loaded with cardboard.

The flames have since been extinguished, and no word if there is any damage to the loading dock area or the back of the store, the investigation is ongoing. No reports of injuries.

This is the second fire involving a Walmart area in less than two days. On Friday night, a suspect is wanted for a fire they allegedly started in the bath and towel section of the Kennewick store. It was quickly extinguished with little damage.

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