How to Spend a Day on Via Del Governo, Rome’s Best Street

No need for an excuse to spend a day in one of the best streets in Rome, and Via del Governo Vecchio has many surprises in store for you.

The bustling city of Rome is much more than the third most visited city in Europe: it’s a sophisticated and bustling bastion of history and culture packed with world-famous landmarks; sparkling decor; and cosmopolitan vibes that wow visitors with an eclectic and vibrant food scene, stellar shops, and streets brimming with cobbled old-world charm that meet the modern city vibes that define the Eternal City.

Rome is also full of hidden (and not-so-hidden) nooks and crannies, exciting spots dotting the frenetic city landscape that offer a charm all their own. And the Vio del Governo Vecchio is one of those places: sandwiched on a 1/3 mile stretch just steps from Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s most famous squares, the “Street of the old government’ is the perfect way to spend a day on a Roman holiday – lined with bars, restaurants and shops, it’s still far enough away from traditional tourist sites, a place to walk and sightsee without the hectic activity that dominates often the city’s most popular attractions. Below are some great ways to spend an afternoon (or even the whole day!) exploring Via del Governo Vecchio, Rome’s best street.

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Via del Governo Vecchio has a charming atmosphere all its own – a great place to wander the cobbled streets and soak up the scenery. Most of the buildings here date from the 15th and 16th centuries, so there’s no shortage of architectural gems to enjoy while strolling along this sophisticated street.

  • The clock tower of Oratory of San Filippo Neri is a Baroque masterpiece designed by Francesco Borromini and a landmark of Via del Governo Vecchio
  • There are a number of palace worth the detour along this enigmatic street; some of the most notable include number 39 (which houses the former papal office); Number 41 (Palazzo Nardini, built for the Governor of Rome); Number 123, former residence of the architect and painter Donato Bramante; and number 34, former home of the Catholic saint San Filippo Neri
  • Check Pasquino Square, home to the “talking sculptures” where anonymous people posted political satires and public opinions on the news of the day. Be sure to check nearby G-Rough in Piazza Pasquino, a trendy place to go out, admire art, have a drink at the Gallery Bar or spend the night

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Shop till you drop

Via del Governo Vecchio is famous for its eclectic shops and boutiques which make it a great place to stock up on unique finds – everything from beloved antiques to curated vintage finds can be found along this bustling street nestled in the heart of the city. middle of the Eternal City.

  • Bed lovers will find plenty of book purchases at Other, an independent English-language bookstore; be sure to stop by its parent store, the neighbor Altroquandoanother cool place with books in Italian, a hip gallery and a hip pub in the basement
  • Omero and Cecilia is one of the coolest vintage shops in Rome and is full of a varied collection of goodies – a real surprise around every corner of this hole-in-the-wall gem
  • Ciao Vintage is a great place for shoppers to get their vintage designer fix
  • Looking for limoncello? So stop by the cute shop The Limoncello Roma Shop

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Take a sip and take a bite

Enjoy aperitivo in style by stopping at one of the many lively bars and restaurants along Via del Governo Vecchio. Adventurous visitors will find everything from a cocktail to a light dinner, delicious pizzerias to famous dessert delights, all along this trendy metropolitan street; tables crammed along the sidewalk where travelers sip, snack, relax, and people-watch throughout the early evening hours.

  • Wine lovers will want to head to a local favorite like Cul-de-Sacknown for its astonishing variety of vintages (over 1,500!) to Piazza di Pasquino, 73
  • No frills, no fuss – just tasty pizza at the old school spot at Pizzeria Da Baffetto Via del Governo Vecchio, 114
  • A charming and quirky wine bar with a fun cocktail menu and delicious dishes to match, Mimi & Coco is a cool place to end a fun day in Via del Governo Vecchio in Via del Governo Vecchio, 72
  • Cool vibe and charcuterie dominate the day at this laid-back spot Prosciutteria Cantini dei Papi— the perfect way to relax with an economical bottle to Via del Governo Vecchio, 21

Any visit to the bustling Italian capital of Rome would be incomplete without a trip to one of the city’s coolest streets, Via del Governo Vecchio. Packed with fun vintage shops and boutiques; hip and trendy vibe; delicious wine bars and restaurants, and old-world charm, the ‘cobbled street of the old government’ is the perfect day trip to escape Rome’s high-intensity tourist attractions through its microcosm of delightful places and eclectic. Spend a few hours or spend the day (or night!), either way, this little corner of the Eternal City is worth a visit on any traveler’s Roman vacation.

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