How to Vacation at House Of Gucci’s Glamorous Italian Filming Locations

Dressed in a tight, blood-colored ski suit, Lady Gaga (playing Patrizia Reggiani) is seen against the backdrop of deep snow and an alpine resort in the recent Gucci House movie. Throughout the film, the filming locations across Italy are as lovely as the high-end fashions of the actors. From the chic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping arcade in Milan to the stunning lakeside Villa Balbiano, following in the footsteps of director Ridley Scott’s cast is an ultra-chic mini-break in Italy.

Haute-Couture shopping in Milan

Although the true Gucci Empire was born a century ago in Florence, part of the Gucci House Rather, the plot of the film takes place in the Italian fashion capital, Milan. The highlight of the story is the dramatic assassination scene, which also gives viewers a taste of the city’s shopping highlights in northern Italy. The glittering Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, designed in 1861, is home to some of Milan’s oldest shops and restaurants, including the Borsalino hat shop and Camparino bar, as well as big names like Prada, Louis Vuitton and, of course, Gucci.

Via Santo Spirito is also famous for its fashion boutiques as well as the restaurant Il Salumaio, which appears in the film. Founded in 1957, the restaurant is one of the city’s most popular dining venues with a beautiful mosaic floor courtyard and gourmet menu.

Another Milan venue is Villa Necchi-Campiglio, which also serves as Rudolfo Gucci’s home in the film. The residence was built in 1935 and is now open to the public as a museum. It has been specially designed for social functions, so it has an impressive dining room, smoking room, library and large living room.

Gear up for the ski season

The ski season has started in Italy, and Ridley Scott’s alpine filming location offers a low-key but no less stunning alternative to Gucci’s true mountain haunt of St Moritz. In the shadow of the dominating Monterosa massif are the Italian ski villages of Gressoney Saint-Jean and Gressoney La Trinité. They are less glitzy than many other modern ski resorts and are also preferred by expert skiers looking for off-piste thrills.

A neighboring 1920s villa was used for a party scene in the film and the property is now for sale. For a less permanent expense, there is the 3-star Hotel Dufour in Gressoney La Trinité where Lady Gaga hid during confinement and filming last winter.

Luxury on Lake Como

The most beautiful filming location, however, is the ultra-glamorous Lake Como. Under a beautiful summer sun, Reggiani, who has just married Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) meets his new family at Villa Balbiano, by the lake. In the film, the villa is owned by Aldo Gucci, played by Al Pacino, and the family have lunch in the picturesque gardens. Recreating the scene is actually possible, with the right budget, as the 16th-century waterfront property is available to rent for weddings, parties, and vacations. One night in the villa is also announced on Airbnb for March 2022.

With six bathrooms – adorned in marble – and six bedrooms, this is one of the largest private residences on the lake. It is adorned with antique furniture and decorations from the Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses. So naturally, an overnight stay is not cheap. Taking place on March 30, 2022, the night will cost $ 1,125. Reservations open Monday, December 6 at 12 p.m. EST.

Alternatively, visitors can follow the cast on their journey through the water to the opulent Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni just outside the hamlet of Bellagio. The famous hotel has hosted many illustrious guests over its 150-year history, including President JF Kennedy and Gucci House star Al Pacino.

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