Iconic Texas Home is one of Airbnb’s Top 10 Stays

Are you looking to get away from it all and truly disconnect from society? One of the benefits of Airbnb is that homes and rental locations around the world have become accessible to more and more people. Places that once seemed impossible to live in have become reality. And for many, choosing a place to stay can be an adventure.

As people continue to plan and adjust their summer vacation plans, Airbnb recently released an article detailing their Top 10 Most Popular U.S. Staycations for Summer 2022. It’s no surprise that an iconic Airbnb location in Texas made the list.

Domeland: Off-grid Adobe Dome near Big Bend is one of the most “wishlisted” places to stay in the United States, according to Airbnb. If you look at availability, they mean business. The Adobe Dome is owned by Trevor Reichman. The one-bedroom, half-bathroom house sleeps 3 and costs $111 per night.

The off-grid adobe dome near Terlingua, Texas is solar-powered and was recently featured on HGTV mighty little houses. Domeland is still booking for summer 2022 dates, but those dates are going fast.

For many, staying here could be an adventure. Here is part of the description of the off-grid location:

Although the dome is isolated, the entrance to Big Bend National Park is only a 25-minute drive away, and historic Terlingua Ghost Town is about the same.

The dome is an earthen structure, with a cob (adobe) barrier to provide shelter from the desert elements such as heat, cold, winds and rain.

The small but functional domed kitchen includes a two-burner propane stove and oven, as well as a solar-powered refrigerator. In fact, all of the dome’s power comes directly from a modest solar power system and will power phones, laptops, and lights, but not much more (no hair dryers for example). The kitchen sink pumps water from a small rain collection cistern so I ask guests to be very strategic with water use. Guests are recommended to bring their own drinking water, although spare bottled water is provided on-site as a reserve for an additional charge.

If you want to take a shower there isn’t, but there is an outdoor solar bag shower you can try or you can go into town and use a $2 coin operated shower. As for bathrooms, well, welcome back to nature. As Domeland says, “you have to be comfortable with a composting toilet”.

If you love the great outdoors and want the experience of being off the grid while enjoying the beautiful night sky, this seems like the place for you. Learn more about Domeland’s Airbnb website.

Get off the grid in this unique Adobe Dome in Terlingua, Texas

It’s easily one of the most unique Airbnb destinations in Texas, if not the entire United States.

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