Idaho is home to “wacky” Airbnb rentals

BOISE, Idaho – Looking for an unusual place to rent for your next vacation?

Airbnb just shared its 16 top “wacky roadside stays” across America.

Of course, two of the possibilities are in Idaho.

Why naturally? Not just because Idahoans are proud eccentrics. Also because Boise is home to entrepreneur Kristie Wolfe, who made a career out of creating original Airbnb properties.

Airbnb’s collection of 16 ‘Roadside Sights’ includes breathtaking sights ranging from a’ luxury dome in North Carolina ‘to’ an eccentric treehouse in Florida that has been listed on the wishes more than 28,400 times in the past year ”.

But none are more eccentric than the world-famous Big Idaho Potato Hotel in Wolfe, southeast of Boise, or as she calls it on her website, “Airbnb’s five-star darling.”

Before becoming a “hotel,” the 28-foot Russet Burbank was a promotional tool for the Idaho Potato Commission. As spokesperson, Wolfe traveled the United States with the six-ton ​​“potato”. Carried on the back of a semi-trailer, it visited 48 states in seven years.

Instead of removing it after the tour, the commission gave it to Wolfe. She converted it into housing and planted it on land with a cow.

This Big Idaho Potato Hotel – available for $ 207 a night – has captured the world’s attention.

As skinny as the potato is, it’s hard to beat another of Wolfe’s visions: the very tall Crystal Peak Lookout, which Airbnb also considers one of his elite curiosities.

Former fire watchtower in Washington, it has been transferred to Fernwood in northern Idaho. “It has since been converted into an immersive getaway in the deep forest,” exclaims Airbnb, “surrounded by 13 wooded acres and featuring its own wood-fired sauna!”

There is also a nice outbuilding.

Finding distinctive places to stay is something more and more Airbnb customers are looking for. Guest searches for unique places have exploded up to 10 times since 2019, Airbnb said:

  • Yurts (1,701 percent)
  • Islands (1,668 percent)
  • Huts (1379%)
  • Earthen houses (1,285 percent)
  • Barns (1,068 percent)
  • Farm stays (1,055%)
  • Houseboats (1,015%)
  • Small houses (791%)

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