If anyone has any of these 29 beige flags on their dating profile, run

9. “I’m looking for someone to go on an adventure with”

Tan flags are the first telltale sign that someone on a dating app is going to be incredibly annoying if you date them. These are the generic, uninspired, and vague quick replies and images that people use on their profile. They’ll say “they’re too competitive on everything” or they’ll include a photo with a baby, not their own, they hasten to add.

Coined by TikToker Caitlin MacPhail, beige flags indicate that someone doesn’t care enough about dating in the first place, and so used pretty standard responses because they can’t be bothered. They may also be so boring that they create a generic profile, since they are truly a slumber fest with no original thoughts. They’re looking for their Jim’s Pam and will insist on telling you how much they love drinking coffee. They don’t give you anything that sets them apart from the crowd and you will have swiped left because you haven’t gotten any more real information about them than before you saw their profile.

Beige flags are quite easy to spot due to the fact that they appear on many people’s profiles. However, if you ever get stuck for what counts as a beige flag, just know that these are the 29 biggest beige flags on dating apps you should avoid:

1. “I’m too competitive in all areas”

But clearly not to make an original profile.

2. ‘What do I order for the table? Tequila’

Literally the most basic of all plans.

3. “Believe it or not, I don’t drink coffee”

It’s really not as shocking as they think.

4. Anything to do with coffee as a personality substitute

Repeat after me, coffee is not a hobby.

5. Debating if pineapple belongs in pizza, if cilantro tastes soapy, or if you should put ketchup in the fridge

Is it really the best you can find? ?

6. Using images of a dog and/or babies as a personality substitute

Everyone knows a dog, it’s not going to force me to go out with you.

7. “I’m looking for my Jim’s Pam”

Personally, don’t get the call from The Office.

8. “I need someone to follow me”

Are you a Duracell Bunny? Because no one has as much energy as they need to specify that they need someone to follow them.

9. “I’m looking for someone to go on an adventure with”

Alright Bilbo Baggins.

10. Any reference to Harry Potter

I literally don’t care if you’re a Gryffindor Simon.

11. Saying your unusual skill procrastinates

Probably one of the more normal skills and if I’m being honest, not even a skill.

12. “The most spontaneous thing I’ve done is buy a flight.”

EasyJet must love you.

13. “The first round is mine”

Generous, but I’d like to know more about you than the fact that you have good manners.

14. All photos showing the gymnasium

It doesn’t need to be explained.

15. “I’m a regular at the gym”

See above.

16. “I’m 6’4 if it matters”

It obviously matters to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be using it as one of the key points in your profile.

17. “My typical Sunday is coffee and brunch”

So you eat and drink coffee? Congratulations, the majority of us do.

18. “I’m not good at describing myself”


19. Write “just ask” in their prompts

Ah yes, because your answers really inspire me to send you a message.

20. And then “the best way to ask me is to ask”

I hadn’t thought of that one.

21. Describe their physical appearance… when they literally have pictures of themselves there

Are these people okay?

22. Any mention of trying to keep plants alive

We all try and fail at this, it’s not funny anymore.

23. “My biggest mistake is downloading this app”

Well, please, please let go.

24. The word foodie anywhere in their profile

Tell me the food you like and I’ll swipe right.

25. Anything About Sleep Love

All humans do that, you don’t stand out baby.

26. Their first message is ‘what’s your degree?’

Sorry, are you my vice chancellor?

27. Multiple club photos on their profile

I understand, you went out in the evening.

28. A picture with the head in/on the toilet

It doesn’t say anything about you other than that you can’t handle your alcohol.

29. “Don’t use this – contact me on Snapchat or Instagram instead”

At this point, why am I even bothering?

Featured image credit before edits via Good Faces Agency/Unsplash

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