IL Boy says his friend’s ghost was fishing with him on the pier

When we lose a loved one, we wish we could have spent more time with them. It’s as if we thought that just one more day would make it easier to let them go. But, deep down, we know that even ten more days wouldn’t make it any easier.

I find that since my mother died, I have been looking for her everywhere. In the courtyard, the clouds, the shadows, the breeze and my dreams. I just want to smell her, give her a hug, smell her scent and talk to her. Since the start of the pandemic, I have wished that she could tell me that everything would be fine. She was a nurse and the person the whole family turned to for advice, care and support.

After I returned from her funeral, I heard a bird chirping loudly in the trees and smelled it. A few days later I was lying in my bed and as I rolled over onto her side she was lying next to me. She didn’t say anything or touch me, she just looked at me, her head on the pillow, and smiled at me.

Looking at her beautiful face and her soft eyes, I felt an incredible sense of peace. I didn’t want the moment to end. Even though it was a dream, I wish it had lasted a little longer. But, I never saw her again or had a dream. When I came across this story of a friendly ghostly shadow, I could totally understand.

The boy in the photo above, on the pier, is called Michael. Her father shared this very special photo and this amazing story with me last year so that I can share it with you. Thought I would write about this again to show you that not all ghosts are scary.

Here’s how her dad Michaels describes what happened on the pier.

This (photo) is enlarged. It happened about a year ago. I took my son fishing in Michigan to my uncle’s house .. I was taking pictures admiring my 5 year old son’s dedication to fishing as we were about to return to Chicago .. I posted this photo on Facebook how proud I am I was of my son for his ‘never give up’ attitude. My cousin signaled enlightenment around him.

It was probably the sunset and the timing … but there is a little more. My son’s best friend Jaxson just passed away two weeks ago, and I showed him this picture and he said “oh yes daddy, it’s just Jaxson, he was there fishing with me” … and to all who say photoshop, save it. I’m lucky to know how to text … I just want to know what you think. I don’t think it’s an obsession but more of a guardian angel type thing. His 8-year-old friend was the neighborhood protector against all bullies before his death.

Just like this father, you know that you have heard your young child say very strange things. When my granddaughter was about three years old, she told us she had two dads. Her other father would visit her and keep her safe. She had no other father or other man around her than her daddy. But, she described her other father in detail, and from what she described, he was unlike anyone she knew at the time. And, look, she said he was her father BEFORE. Wow, I got chills just typing that.

She is driving now and does not remember him at all. It’s crazy to think about it, another dad from his past. But, whatever it was, his imagination, a past life, just a guardian angel, it still blows me away and yet fills me with peace. Weird. MDR. Maybe I’ll see mom again, when I need her, maybe she’ll be there to protect me.

More stories and ghost sightings await you.

KY’s spookiest ghost town has a truly terrifying past and can’t be found on a map

The month of October fills me with even more passion for abandoned and haunted places and things. I love to research legends, folklore, and stories from all over the world, but especially here in Kentucky. Some of the stories are pure legends with no real facts to back them up. But, I’m a sucker for a good ghost story.

One of those legends involves a small town, a murderous teacher, and mysterious disappearances that have spanned decades. This is what I learned about the legend of Elsewhere, KY.

A construction worker and journalist named Seamus Coffey was volunteering at a senior citizen center and he met a man named Earl. The gentleman was about 80 years old and told him the story of something that had happened elsewhere. KY.

“When I was little, my dad and I went to the Ailleurs general store to buy candy and chicken food. I stayed outside while Father spoke to Mrs. Ellison, the shopkeeper. Handed me the candy. At that point, there was this loud cry from the school. I’m not sure what happened because dad told me to stay in the truck, but after that we never went anywhere else. “

“When I was a few years older I went back there with friends. We were just stupid kids having fun. My friend Jason walked into school and I never saw him again. We spent the rest of the day looking for him and later the police searched but found nothing. about 60 years old and you’re the first person to mention the place in half a century, son. “

After that, Seamus began to search for all the information he could find on Elsewhere. He found an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal. The article covered a story about abandoning Elsewhere for health and safety reasons. It was dated April 2, 1953. The article also gave him a piece of the puzzle that was missing, the exact location of Elsewhere. The town was located two miles north of New Concord (KY) just off Highway 280. So, of course, he had to get there on his own.

This is the terrifying story of what he found in Elsewhere.

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IL woman shocked when ghost appears in photos of her children

As you know, I love anything paranormal. Lately, I have been more drawn to stories and pictures of spirits and ghosts than ever before. I even interviewed paranormal ghost hunters and found it fascinating. I don’t have all the answers, but I like to explore the possibilities.

Seeing things in pictures, once you really look at them, is not uncommon. It really happens more than you might think. It happened to me. Are there spirits that some see and others don’t? Are they real ghosts or just a stain on the camera lease? Are light beams and floating specs just traces of dust and perfectly lit angles?

The thing is, you don’t really know. Those who weren’t there might try to figure out what the picture really is to disprove the fact that it might be a spirit. While others will share a similar experience. Appearance and the invisible merge to form an opinion, a credible explanation. But the truth is, while we may not be able to see angels, spirits, or ghosts, some of us believe they exist, some of us don’t. no matter what you think of it. You are either filled with excitement or you are doing your best to figure it out. In any case, pretty cool.

I came across these photos on the Haunted Illinois Facebook group. I was fascinated by them and contacted the mother who took the photos and asked if I could share them with you. As I always say, you can decide for yourself whether or not you see a ghost in the photos. But, after hearing the story of the mother surrounding the photos, I think a child ghost is exactly what we see.

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