Incoming MBA/MA student found after 6 days missing

Incoming MBA/MA student Kenni Ndili. 1 credit

Kenni Ndili, new MBA/MA student at the Lauder Institutewho was reported missing on May 21, was found today after being missing for six days, according to a Tweeter from Wharton School.

In a Tweeter on May 25, Ndili’s mother, Njide Ndili, said it appeared her daughter had been stolen and disappeared soon after. Ndili has since been rescued and taken to her brother’s house when she was on duty.

Ndili was last seen leaving her Airbnb on North 37th Street at noon on May 19, Njide Ndili told The Daily Pennsylvanian in an interview. According to her mother, Ndili arrived in Philadelphia on May 10 from Nigeria to search for apartments ahead of the program’s June 1 start date.

The Ndili missing person poster claimed she was last seen wearing a “black silk dress” with “all white trainers”. It also states that she is 5ft 9in, 220lbs and 26 years old with dark brown skin and hair.

Njide Ndili said she was in contact with her daughter from May 10 to 18, when she stopped answering her calls and text messages.

Amid growing concern, Njide Ndili asked a friend in Philadelphia to check on his daughter on May 18. After his friend couldn’t get into the Airbnb, he called the emergency services for a checkup. However, the eldest Ndili said emergency services never showed up at the Airbnb where her daughter was staying.

Kenni Ndili’s brother, Nnamdi Ndili, arrived in Philadelphia from Nigeria on May 19. He went to his Airbnb and noticed the only thing missing was Kenni Ndili’s handbag, which included his US passport and phone.

“We [were] quite puzzled as to what happened to him,” Ndili told DP.

Ndili shared that the last known signal from her daughter’s phone was received at 9 a.m. on May 19 at a convenience store near her Airbnb.

“We [didn’t] know if she was assaulted,” Ndili said. “[We were] awaiting information.

After alerting the University, Njide Ndili said Penn quickly pressured the Philadelphia Police Department to investigate. However, she said Philadelphia police conducted a few interviews but did not treat the case as a high priority.

“They said ‘you know, she’s an adult, she’ll come back,'” Ndili said.

Njide Ndili shared that CCTV recording mechanisms are in use in the area surrounding her daughter’s Airbnb, but she was unsure whether the footage had been viewed or verified.

This is a developing story and will be updated as information becomes available. Please contact Summer Editor Jesse Zhang at [email protected] if you have any information on the story.

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