Indianapolis Estate Sale This Week at ‘Dolphin House’

Are you looking for that dolphin statue to beautify your property? Look no further than the Kessler Mansion.

“If you can seize it, it may be for sale,” said Jocelyn Dawson, a Highgarden Real Estate agent who was hired by the new owner – who bought the property in the spring and whose identity is unknown – to organize a real estate sale. to the property.

IndyStar got a chance to preview the sale at what some experts in design and architecture have named the “ugliest house in America”.

More about the Indianapolis house:This Dolphin Mansion on Kessler, One of Indiana’s Weirdest Homes, Is on the Market

Walk along a wooden porch that has a hole big enough for a foot, past a dolphin statue surrounded by a small swamp to a main entrance. Then we get inside at more than six rooms filled with odds and ends for sale.

Garden chairs, swivel chairs and upholstered chairs.

Dining tables, coffee tables and a games table.

A lost and priceless child’s airplane; a $300 “Fruit Works” soda maker and $275 heavy lion wooden and clay statues.

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