RedWeek celebrates its 20th anniversarye Anniversary as the most trusted voice in the timeshare industry with massive growth

SEATTLE, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Red Weekthe largest and most reputable online timeshare rental platform, weathered the ups and downs of the travel industry – and celebrates its 20e anniversary this year with significant growth.


Co-founded in 2002 by Internet pioneer Randy Conrads, RedWeek has over 2.7 million viewers and a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating. Owners can offer their timeshares to travelers when they’re not using them, and travelers get great accommodations at higher prices than hotels. With fast and seamless transactions, it’s one of the best kept secrets in travel.

More people are getting into the secret. RedWeek bookings for summer travel in 2022 are up more than 200% compared to 2021 and up more than 750% from the pandemic downturn year of 2020. Additionally, RedWeek is on track for its best year yet for timeshare sales in 2022. In 2021, the company experienced a 43% increase in inquiries and offers on timeshares for salecompared to the same dates in 2019 when timeshare was heading towards its peak.

The timeshare market has traditionally been dominated by baby boomers, but millennial travelers are discovering timeshare-centric travel. Along with the rise of the “sharing economy” of Uber and Airbnb, millennials have found the flexibility and variety they crave in the world of timeshare.

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About RedWeek.com

Founded in 2002, RedWeek is the largest and most reputable online timeshare marketplace with an audience of over 2.6 million and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Timeshare owners and travelers come to RedWeek to read exclusive resort ratings and reviews, access our in-depth resort information, and browse thousands of timeshare rental and resale listings or advertise their own timeshare at rent or for sale. Since these rentals are offered at owner direct rental prices, they are almost always considerably cheaper than resort prices. For more information, visit www.RedWeek.com.

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