Inside Belfast’s Airbnb sex dungeon

Searching for vacation rentals during the holiday season can be really overwhelming, but now there’s a naughty Airbnb classified ad that offers just that, and more.

Arnal Chambers Sex Dungeon in North Belfast is advertised on Airbnb and social media as a fully equipped BDSM house for rent.

It is owned and managed by international domineering Mistress Royale, who is currently promoting discounted rates for her dungeon services throughout the holiday season.


All kinds of sex devices can be found

The space is listed on Airbnb as a ‘unique and special’ two bedroom home with ‘an adult play area and a pink room for makeover and makeover.’

The list also states: “You can find a completely black cell with a concrete floor for an extended period of confinement.

“This SM (sadomasochism) house is a mix of comfortable living and play where you can enjoy your time away from home while having fun, a bit of madness and a vacation.”

With overnight bookings for the Belfast Sex Dungeon starting at £ 90 per night, Sunday Life went to take a peek inside the torture chamber and see what all the screaming was about.

Situated off the busy Crumlin Road in north Belfast, this unassuming residential property belies the world of sex intrigue that takes place there.

Upon entering the property it looks like many other Belfast suburban homes with a downstairs kitchen-diner with a rug and cozy fire.

However, on closer inspection you’ll find a giant leather bondage throne tucked away in a corner of the room under a blanket.

The Throne is a specially designed kit that comes with a range of fasteners and straps that provide multiple ways to tie someone to the chair.

Perched atop the fireplace above the fireplace were a number of penis cages, similar to a female chastity belt, as well as a “lucky charm” ornament, featuring a pixie and a Horseshoe.


NO CLOTHING FORBIDDEN: Inside the Carnal Chambers of Belfast

The rest of the ground floor was exactly like any family home, except for the door under the stairs that led to the aforementioned containment cell.

About a foot wide and about five feet long, the space under the stairs consisted of only a concrete floor, a few hooks in the wall, and a dog bowl.

After looking under the stairs and resisting the temptation to go inside the cell and close the door behind me, it was time to go upstairs and check out the other rooms.

First I came across the adult playroom which is pretty much exactly what it looks like. There was a large dark red “gynecologist’s chair” in the center of the room which also served as a spanking bench.

Sitting in front of a large mirror, the chair formed the centerpiece of the room and was accompanied by a smaller black BDSM chair with wrist rests and headrests.


Wigs, masks and … uh, a rubber fist

The room was also equipped with a mains-powered sex machine, a six-foot-high St. Andrew’s Cross retainer for torture, as well as a treasure trove of helpers and sexual equipment. Stacked on several shelves by the window were dozens of sex toys, including gimp masks, dildos of all shapes and sizes, and a large rubber fist, along with a number of wigs.

The shelves also contained an assortment of other items, including bolt cutters, ties, wipes, puppy training pads and stretch wrap.

The room has been supplied with plenty of cleaning supplies and amenities, and Airbnb listing provides an “enhanced” cleaning service with every booking.

Finally, I stuck my head into the makeover room which included a bed, a small restraint bench, a vanity unit and a clothes rail, all lit by multicolored disco lighting.

On the clothes rail were a number of costumes and uniforms, including nurse and maid outfits as well as a 1970s inflatable sex doll.

Belfast Dungeon appears to have been operating since September, with the domineering Mistress Royale advertising the house through her own dedicated Twitter account, the Airbnb website and her personal Twitter account.


Mistress Royale operates in London, Jersey, Nice, Monaco, Belfast and beyond as a Dominatrix

She shared photos and videos of her work and clients at the address on social media, and welcomed other dungeon domineers who have done the same.

On her Twitter profile, she describes herself as a “BBW (tall beautiful woman)” and an “international professional dominatrix” as well as specializing in “FinDomme (financial domination) and fetish”.

Elsewhere on social media, she describes herself as a “professional dominant, female supremacist, fetishist model and performer, sex and kink educator, BDSM and fetish counselor” and “kink research pioneer.”

In addition to her business on Crumlin Road, she says she is a model and performer working in Monaco, Jersey, Nice and London.

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