Inside the amazing Friends-themed Airbnb decorated like Central Perk

Fans of friends can now stay in an Airbnb decorated to resemble Central Perk and Monica’s apartment with loads of fun nods to the show

Airbnb is a Friends fan’s dream

If you’re obsessed with all things friends, we might just have found the Airbnb vacation of your dreams.

We’re talking about a living room that’s been made into a replica of Central Perk, and a kitchen and bedroom done up to look like Monica’s apartment – including that iconic purple door and framed peephole. yellow.

The living room has a sofa like the one in the show, a large mirror with the Central Perk logo, and even a guitar in the corner if you hope to emulate Phoebe and sing a bit of “Smelly Cat.” There’s even a foosball table with a little chick, like in Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

There’s also a turquoise kitchen stocked with colorful accessories (and all the crockery you need) and a double bed with friends-themed artwork.

Everything Airbnb is decorated to look like Central Perk and Monica’s apartment



There are loads of quirky nods to some of Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross and Chandler’s iconic moments throughout the apartment.

For example, there is a copy of Shining in the Fridge (there is no freezer, but it’s close enough), a work of art paying homage to the Battle of Ross with leather pants, a Hugsy penguin toy and a printed bathroom curtain for Chandler to enjoy one of his beloved bubble baths.

Oh, and of course the property has a TV so you can watch all of your favorite shows.

The kitchen is almost identical to that in Monica’s apartment



The themed Airbnb isn’t in New York City as you might expect, but it still enjoys a pretty glamorous location in the heart of Los Angeles, just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. (A great place if you are hoping to explore LA).

The Airbnb stay has actually been around for a few years, but it was only recently renovated to have the Friends theme, opening with the new look earlier this year.

In fact, some Friends fans have already booked a stay, and one of them shared a video tour of the experience, as he wandered around the apartment looking for hidden accessories and surprises. (without revealing too much of course!)

The property sleeps two people, with prices starting at £ 278 per night based on two people sharing. You can find out more about the Airbnb announcement here.

The iconic purple door, of course



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